Jamie Lee Curtis and Jason

Jamie Lee Curtis is stalked by Michael Myers Jason in one of the Halloween sequels.

About a decade ago, at a former employer of mine, there was this guy in middle-management who was the epitome of milquetoast unhipness. Let’s call him Bob. His sense of humor had no inspiration or edge to it whatsoever. At best, he had a limited range of bland and safe Dad Humor, and he laughed at the things you’d imagine the Bobs in Office Space would’ve laughed at. Hell, he probably thought the comic strip B.C. was hilarious.

Anyway, one year there were some employee rumblings, and a unionization organization effort began to take shape in a department that was not unionized. The company, in its infinite wisdom, rather than just leaving it alone and keeping quiet, poured gasoline on the fire and went into propaganda overdrive to try to discourage employees from joining. (Read more…)

Trailer proves the existence of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

After many, many months of vague press and departing showrunners, we finally have a trailer with actual footage from the forthcoming Star Trek: Discovery to be streamed on CBS All Access. We also have a date, or at least a season, for its release: Fall 2017.

My initial thoughts: Like many trailers, this is a very generic offering that teases the show, gives the title, displays some sci-fi visuals, and provides next to nothing in terms of story information. Par for the course. If you were hoping for something awesome or informative, you are going to be disappointed. It at least features some actors, including Michelle Yeoh and series lead Sonequa Martin-Green.

But we now have a committed time frame for the release of the show, and proof that it exists. Which, after all these reports of delays and a lack of new information aside from those delays, is something.

‘Rogue One’ prioritizes the war in ‘Star Wars’

As usual, everything happens on my own delayed timetable, and this review, which was mostly written three months ago, got put on the back burner until I could finally get around to finishing it. With it coming out on Blu-ray and DVD this week, it felt like a good time to get it done already.

Rogue One is a highly entertaining example of what might be the true long-term future of Star Wars. A year after a successful rebooting via the first entry in a sequel trilogy that went to painstaking efforts to live and breathe the same sensibilities of Lucas’ original trilogy (to the point that it essentially retold A New Hope), we now have our first “stand-alone” anthology outing — which might serve as the answer to the question of what Star Wars unmoored from the Skywalker family name might actually look like. The answer: It looks and feels exactly like we’re in the Star Wars universe, but it inhabits a noticeably altered take and tone. For the first time, it seems, under director Gareth Edwards, we have a new owner turned loose in the store.

Read the review here.

More ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ details emerge

USS DiscoveryMore information has been emerging about Star Trek: Discovery, scheduled to premiere in January 2017, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to reframe the discussion and offer up some of my own musings about what we have been hearing so far.

The show is being run by Bryan Fuller, of Hannibal and Pushing Daisies fame. Also on board are high-profile Trek veterans Nicholas Meyer, Joe Menosky, and others.

This is, obviously, great news. While I have not seen Hannibal or Fuller’s other shows, I am aware of them and their ambitious creative visions. I’m glad that a showrunner was selected who has both previous experience with Star Trek and also has been distinguished creatively in the auteur vein in the ensuing years since his Trek tenure. That’s probably exactly what this franchise needs — a balance between Trek knowledge/experience and creative visions that are more individually driven. Bringing on Meyer as a consultant will hopefully ground the series in the sort of humanity seen in The Wrath of Khan while also being allegorically relevant like The Undiscovered Country. And, of course, Menosky strikes me as a writer that knows the Trek universe but also has his own individually unique ideas. So this looks like a promising team of Trek-specific writers.

Read the entire article and leave comments here.

Donald Trump live-tweets ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Beyond Trump
Below is a transcript of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed as he watched “Star Trek Beyond” at a recent screening.

  • This is going to be one of the all-time best movie reviews. I have the best words.
  • The Bad Robot logo is one of the worst logos in all of Hollywood. Total disaster from JJ Abrams. I always hire the best graphic designers.
  • Stupid Jim Kirk STILL in charge of Enterprise. After what happened 3 yrs ago in San Fran he should’ve been tried for treason! Unbelievable!
  • Kirk went against the military’s brave Admiral Marcus and instead sided with a terrorist and thousands died b/c of it. #LockKirkUp
  • (Read more…)

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