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Non-nerds need not apply

I remember how, when I first started paying attention to the Internet my freshman year of college — way back a long time ago in 1994 — the Usenet newsgroups where I first started posting my Trek reviews were filled with threads devoted to “versus” scenarios between various aspects of sci-fi.

  • “USS Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer”
  • “Defiant vs. Millennium Falcon”
  • “Borg Cube vs. Death Star”
  • And etc.

These sorts of matchups were pure fanboy silliness, but in the spirit of fun. Hell, someone probably made a bunch of money based purely on the pitch that ultimately ended with the (I’m told disastrous) movie “Alien vs. Predator.”

Anyway, my dad sent me a link earlier this week to a YouTube video that I had not previously seen, which depicts just such a fanboy scenario.

Fanboys with Adobe Premiere: It do what it do.

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Nerdgasm. That is all.

Cmd. Ricker as himself
Darth Vador as himself
Darth Sithious as himself

(And bad spelling as itself too…)


I’m such a trek-nerd that I even know which episodes the clips were taken from. How sad is that? Oh, how my wife laughs at me (And then sits down to watch a formulaic chick-flick). 😀

That could have been so much better with more careful editing (it would have been easy to use cutaways to mask most of the dialogue jumps). Nevertheless, still one of the most enjoyable YouTube nerdfests I’ve encountered so far.

Speaking of AVP I was surprised it didn’t suck more than it did. And it did suck. Maybe I was just distracted by Sanaa Lathan.

Ummmmm… so Death Star vs. Borg Cube???


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