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Lennie for president

For those wondering where my blog has been, here’s a break from the silence. I was on vacation last week. In addition to driving about 1,100 miles, I finally got seriously cracking on a certain project that includes the word “Generation.”

I also had an e-mail exchange with Joe, a former TV writer that I’ve been in and out of touch with over the past decade. Our correspondence these days centers on TV we watch and the kinds of inside, e-mailed jokes that only work in e-mail.

Both of us have a fascination and amusement with “Law & Order’s” Lennie Briscoe and his endlessly entertaining deadpan style. I especially like the lines (because of their understated pervasiveness) where Briscoe would say things like, “Any of you guys want to join him, there’s plenty of room in RIKERS.” I wish I had a montage of clips of all the times Briscoe threatened to put someone in a cell at RIKERS.

Joe said that given the fact that recently-turned-former “Law & Order” actor Fred Thompson is being mentioned as a possible Republican presidential candidate, then Lennie Briscoe should run as a Democrat. Not the late Jerry Orbach, but the fictional character Lennie Briscoe. At the debates, a person with encyclopedic knowledge of L&O could simply play appropriate L&O Lennie clips to answer questions.

My response was simply the following campaign poster, which I threw together in Photoshop. You may find it hilarious or you may look at it with a blank stare and wonder what the hell is wrong with me. IDWID.

Briscoe 2008

Lennie Briscoe: It do what it do.

If you have a problem, you can go talk it over with him DOWN AT THE PRECINCT.

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Oh man. Lennie Briscoe was one of the greatest characters in TV history. I haven’t watched it since he died.

‘I finally got seriously cracking on a certain project that includes the word “Generation.”’

Ahh finally Jammer is going to start reviewing Degrassi: The Next Generation!

Big L&O fan, but I gotta say, the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw “Lennie” was Michael McKeon.

Although Squiggy would make a great Veep, dontcha think?

I thought you were talking about Lennie from The Simpsons. But I approve of Briscoe. Used to love that show.

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