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Disney is a corporate media juggernaut, like Viacom and News Corp. As such a juggernaut, Walt Disney Company has more arms than, uh … well, a six-armed man. Yeah.

The Internet portal for all things in the Disney conglomerate is What I can’t figure out is what the point of is. It’s your classic web portal … featuring a layout that looks like a cybersquatter’s default hosting page and the worst identity logo that I can think of. (A long time ago, the logo looked like a green traffic light, which was far better than that ugly, scripty, awful … thing they have now.)

My guess is that, back in the day, Disney wanted to become a full-fledged portal in the Yahoo! vein. My guess is also that they lost. The three Internet portals — the cornerstone of which is free e-mail for its users — are Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Google. Have you ever known someone with a e-mail address?

So, whatever. Maybe was trying to be an uber-portal and missed the boat, or maybe I just assumed that or made it up. The point is, it’s not a world-class portal. So why, then, is every Disney Company web site obsessed with having “” in its URL, as if were the master of the Disney universe?

Type or into your browser, and the URL will be rewritten as or ESPN and ABC are not exactly lightweights. (156 episodes, the bulk of the series… okay, I’ll stop now.) In my opinion, those are big enough entities to warrant their own top-level domain appearance. Apparently, Disney does not agree, and and are relegated to the status of subsidiaries of, and rewritten as subdomains.

Even the Disney Company corporate web site is a subsidiary. It’s Even is a GO slave. If you own the domain name, isn’t that its own accomplishment? Why would you dilute that domain name by rewriting it as

I’m thinking that whoever at Disney invented the portal concept has a severe insecurity complex. Why else to account for the fact that every Disney entity has been GO-ified?

But check this shit out (Fig. 1). My favorite is this: If you type in, the site will actually rewrite the URL as simply, removing the www! Most sites will add the www back in if you omit it, because most people are used to seeing it there. But is so fearful of losing its identity that it actually takes the www away! — who do you think you are?! You think you’re bigger than ABC, ESPN, and Walt Disney Company? Why, I think not!

Insecure web portals: It do what it do.

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Well, it looks like they *do* have free e-mail.

But wow, wow, wow, that is one fugly portal. I can’t imagine anyone willingly using it. They really ought to just toss it, or replace it with something better (how about a video portal? Disney , ABC, and ESPN put together sure must generate a lot of content!).

“What are you, nuts? *GIVE* away our videos to whoever views their portal page? NO WAY! We need to keep copyright on the original Mickey, and we’ve paid good money to various lawmakers to do it; we can’t go giving away all of that now!”

(I.e., the typical big-media company knee-jerk reaction. 😉 ) Never heard of it… and I spend far too much time in internetland.

LO…I’ve always wondered about Go.

LOL, even.

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