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2007: It’s a wrap

This is just a quick hello to wish everyone a safe and happy new year. As the year winds down its final hours, I reflect upon this inaugural year of IDWID with my usual mantra:

IDWID: It do what it do. Especially in the final hours of the year.

Looking ahead to 2008, you can expect more of the same from IDWID, as well as increased productivity at Jammer’s Reviews, which will feature the return of BSG reviews as well as a renewed focus on TNG.

See you soon.

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As for TNG, isn’t that what you said last year? I hope you stick to it this year. 😉

Happy New Year Jammer. Your insights as always are always fun to read.

Yeah happy new year to you as well.

And reflecting on the past year, what happened with your stolen newspaper situation?

Newspaper situation is still up in the air. I’ve been awake most Sundays to get it before the thief (but not always). On the Sundays I’m not there, it is always stolen. I haven’t had the time or inclination to deal with it the past few weeks.

The automated sentry guns from Aliens are the only way to deal with newspaper thieves.

>They are probably now doing it not for the paper, but for the effect it is having on you.

Harsh perhaps, but true. This boils down to a Biff/McFly situation. Some people go through life looking for a nerd they can abuse. Sometimes they work as managers.

I’ve been having this newspaper problem for a while now. So finally I did the stake out and saw the guy doing it. He then took the elevator and walked right through the front lobby with paper-in-hand. It made a nice photo on the building’s security camera. Unfortunately my newspaper is still getting stolen. Next time I’ll demand to press charges!

cross-posted, didn’t see this newer thread.

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