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I’ve had it, had it, had it with this winter bull$#!%

I’m used to winter. We have it here every year. In the past we’ve had some mild winters and some average winters — but this winter? It has been a harsh and long, long winter. And I’ve fucking had it.

The notion of spring has been one big, long tease. On Sunday it was 65 degrees out. Crazy, above-normal temperatures for a single-day freak occurrence. Now today it’s 25 and snowing. Again. Sure, all the snow melted over the past few days, but what good is that when another blast of snow comes along and coats everything yet again? I am sick of brushing snow off my car. Sick. And. Tired. All I’m asking for are some days in the 40s with some sunshine. Even 38 would do. Doesn’t have to be 60-plus degrees or even 50-plus. Just get me out of the 20s and low 30s, for crying out loud.

Seriously, it feels like it has snowed twice every single week this winter. Now, maybe that’s nothing to you die-hard winterers out there. But I’m fed up. Usually it snows and then we get stretches where it’s just cold, and not snowing, snowing, snowing. A local news story last week (the last time it snowed YET AGAIN) said that the snow plows have been out about twice as often this year as last year. And last year was an average winter, not a mild one.

Thinking about it, I seem to recall that I wrote a similar blog about the cold and the snow a few months back. Well, winter has gone on so long this year that I forgot about that bitch-session until just right now, because it’s such ancient history.

Spring, dammit, spring. Get here already. Please.

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The *really* evil thing is, spring will probably be one week long. It’ll be 35 every day for a while longer here, then you’ll get one week of 50s and 60s, and the next week it’ll be 85 and humid.


(Of course, you’re already getting the 60s. Hmm…)

Heh, this winter has been quite terrible indeed. I was so enjoying the nice weather on Sunday myself, as well until it had to make that nasty shift.

-5C when I was scraping the ice of my car this morning (Don’t know what that is in degrees F)

Bright blue sky, not a cloud in sight, bright sunshine at 07:15

I love days like that. But I am looking forward to Summer.

Of on holiday to florida at end of April, so hopping spring will have finished and Summer kicked in by the time I come back.

Please forgive my appalling spelling in the above post. Wasn’t really awake yet.

Please send the snow east – in Philadelphia we’ve had almost no snow at all and I really wanted some.

-5C = 23F, which is about what I’m talking about. Except with no sunshine. Overcast. And snow. Makes it suck.

Today is better. We have sunshine today. With any luck, some of the snow should melt. (Of course, given this winter, it will snow again within a week.)

I live in south Louisiana, and the only seasons we have here are ‘Football’ and ‘Hunting’. I want a winter. I want snow

We have average temperatures of 85-90 degrees, sometimes getting up to 100. It rarely gets into the 60s in my state even during the winter. In fact, it got down into the thirties about twice this year, and we’ve had around one week where it got below sixty degrees. At one point in January, it was in the mid 70′. When you live in the land of nonstop summer like I do, you would kill for snow. You’d blow up buildings if you thought it would bring a winter. You have it good, my friend.

Obsidian: I’ve said before that I like having seasons, which is why I doubt I would like an always-summer climate like LA (meaning both Los Angeles and Louisiana).

I don’t mind winter for a while, and if I lived where there was no snow and it was so hot all the time I also would probably crave snow. But this winter has been so long, and so snowy, that it just needs to be so OVER.

We’ve got it pretty bad up here in Montreal (Canada). I’ve never seen so much snow before up here–ever. It’s gotten so bad we’re about to break the record for total snow fall accumulation in a year (383cm, back in 1970-71). After last night’s snow storm we’re now up to about 325cm, and guess what, there’s another 25+ cm coming this weekend! And I somehow doubt it’ll be the last snow fall this month…

I’ve seriously never seen mountains of snow piled up so high, it’s almost scary. It’s also depressing…I don’t want to see anymore of it! 🙂

I’ll bet you can blame all this crazy weather on global warming.

I enjoy snow with a crisp blue sky> But as Jammer says, he is overcast and grey, and that is just depressing.

The worst thing about snow is when it melts, and you have black slush everywhere for a week.

Here in England, the moment a single snowflake hits the road, the country grinds to a standstill. News stories such as the following are very common:

“400 people were trapped in their cars for 2 weeks as 1.117 millimetres of snow fell over the course of several hours. 37 people died after gnawing off their own limbs off to sustain themselves.”

Global Warming always gets blamed for us having snow in winter. And for NOT having snow in winter. And for having sun in the summer. And for NOT having sun in the summer.

I could happily live without seasons (although it is easy for me to say that as I have them), and just have summer. Although wearing a 3-piece suit and tie in the summer can be annoying.

I like snow, but even I am getting tired of it this year. Enough already.
Stef, your post made me laugh. Sounds like when it snows in the southern U.S. They just can’t handle it–schools close, cars pile up on the highways, etc.
At least we’ve had ample time to practice driving on snowy roads!
But these potholes–one of these days, my car is going to disappear into one, taking me with it. They are everywhere and BIG this year, and it’ll be a while before the road crews can repair them.
At least the days are getting longer–and daylight savings time starts this weekend in the U.S. At least it will still be light outside at 7 p.m–snow or no snow.

We’ve had record snowfall in Toronto this year, its March 11th and there are 8 foot high piles of snow out my window.


interesting in florida it has gotten pretty cold, but then again that means 40 degrees for us. mostly though th enoons have highs of seventies or eighties but freezes at nights. I feel your pain (sort of)

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