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In like a lion, out like a lamb

After my frustrated complaining a few weeks ago over the unending snow and cold, the weather immediately turned around. I complained, and it hasn’t snowed since, and the weather has been consistently in the the 30s, 40s, 50s, even 60s. That’s March for you. Is winter finally over? Well, the second I say that, I’ll jinx it.

I guess I should bitch more often. It pays off.

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Funny. I live in Phoenix. We had highs in the 80’s this month… 😉

Meanwhile I had to clear some snow off the car this past Monday morning, up in Ontario, Canada, eh. (It melted by noon, though the huge piles from earlier remain.)

I live in Athens, Greece and here during the whole winter it snows for 2 days every 3 years or so.

In fact, when it snows the city goes “out of order”. The public bus service does not work because “the buses are not designed to take chains on their tires”. People try to go to work on foot or with their own cars, but as they are accustomed to snow, the visits to the hospitals for broken bones are high. Plus car crashes aplenty, because we don’t know how to drive on snowed roads inside Athens (and nobody has bought chains for his tires). This happened a month ago, and I remember it well ’cause nobody went to work, me included! We all called in as ‘snowbound’ and spend the day watching the city’s disintegration in the TV. The laugh was watching a co-worker of mine complain on TV that his jeep lay inside his garage, and that none of the municipality people showed up to clean the snow off his pavement so he could take his jeep out!!!

Sounds like when I lived in Seattle. Up there, two or three inches was a major crisis! Of course, much of the city is built on hills, so you can understand there were some problems driving on the ice, but still.
Of course, we have problems here, too. During the summer, when it sometimes gets to 117, 118, we can have things like the asphalt on the streets softening. You can see places where the lines on the roads are smeared, and not because of the paint running.

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