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All quiet on the IDWID front

IDWID has been less busy of late. There are a few reasons for that. The first is, of course, the return of Battlestar Galactica reviews, which will be occupying much of my writing time for the next couple of months.

The second is that I’m in the process of buying a house, which, as you can imagine, takes up chunks of time here and there, especially since I’m shopping for things that will be going into that house shortly after I move in. Next week I begin the fun process of packing, followed the week after that with moving.

Consequently, I’m not putting a lot of thought into IDWID at the moment. If a blog topic pops into mind (one actually did yesterday, but I forgot what it was before I had a chance to write it), I might be motivated to write, but otherwise things might be a little quiet in my corner of the “blogosphere” (a term that CNN has endlessly adopted and which needs to be murdered).

That’s okay, because I’m guessing most of you would rather see activity over on the Jammer’s Reviews site than here, anyway.

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Yeah, buying a house and moving in is a load of fun. Good luck. Don’t freak when stuff breaks. It’s gonna happen.

I hate packing. Try throwing everything that isn’t fragile into a big heavy duty garbage bag, it makes the process a lot easier…at least until you get to your new place and have to sort through the bag.

Good luck with the house purchase! So grown up of you. I am jealous. :p

Also, I agree, for I personally would rather see activity on the reviews front. I have enjoyed your analyses for a long time. It’s great to read a critic who actually watches most of the shows that I am hooked on. I remember finding your site during Voyager’s original run and never looking back! 🙂

OK, I will now return to my corner of… the blogosphere.


So we should look for the, “Sorry I haven’t written anything,” apologies over there for awhile?

When buying your new house make sure there are no nearby newspaper thiefs.

It’s worth noting that the newspaper thief stopped swiping my paper sometime in February. It hasn’t been a problem since.

Maybe he read your blog? 🙂

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