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All quiet on the IDWID front (2009 edition)

This is not a surprise, but there’s been little action here at IDWID since I’ve been back to my regular reviewing duties on Battlestar Galactica over at Jammer’s Reviews. This blog isn’t dead. It’s just inactive for the time being. At some point, it’ll be back. There might even be some changes in store for IDWID in 2009. We shall see.

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Well get on with it. We need some regular IDWID udpates. For example how about a hard hitting expose on the the explosion of Infomercials. If the economy is tanking and people are losing jobs, what’s up with all the new informercials. Is Shamwow really all that? And the Snuggie; a blanket with sleeves. Seriously? Do we really need moronic Americans with less and less disposable income spending money on useless crap like that? Maybe they should consider paying down their credit card debt first. And don’t get me started on credit card debt. You thought mortgages blowing up was big news. Wait till the banks start taking hits on credit card write offs. Is 10:20 in the morning too early for some Makers Mark?

I took it off the RSS feed because of the inactivity. Always checking it and getting the Boston Legal post from last year to now I figured it was dead. Hopefully you’ll get back to it, maybe after BSG ends and you’re writing here and those TNG reviews.

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