August 2009

It’s far past time for ‘Abby’ be put out to pasture

Working as I do in the newspaper industry, I am reminded on a near-daily basis by the media at large that newspapers are dying because they are outmoded, obsolete, operating under a business model that is no longer sustainable, and plenty of other doom, gloom, and etc. I guess I should feel fortunate that I work in the online division — the very aspect of the business that’s allegedly “killing” the rest of the paper — but it still gets tiresome when all you hear about is how dinosaur-extinct the industry apparently already is. Too bad, I guess. Facts are facts. After all, I read about it on somebody’s blog. (Read more…)

Brett Favre: Just retire already

So, for how many more years will we have to go through the Brett Favre retirement/unretirement drama? It’s become something of a running (and tiresome) annual joke. Even as a Bears fan, I have nothing against the highly respectable Favre, who is a guaranteed Hall-of-Famer and seems like a classy guy. But, really, isn’t enough enough? (Read more…)

‘At the Movies’ reboot unbooted

File this one under “they told you so.” About a year ago, Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper left “Ebert & Roeper & the Movies” after Disney-ABC Television attempted to retool the show into something that it wasn’t. Ebert, who owns the trademarks for “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” had already been in less-than-successful negotiations with Disney over their acquisition of the trademarks. When Disney announced that “At the Movies” would be evolving its format into something else, negotiations apparently broke down completely, and Ebert and Roeper both walked away. (Read more…)

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