December 2009

‘Balloon boy’ parents: Good riddance

I like this sentence. It sends a message that desperately needs to be sent. That message is: You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. As if you needed to be told that.

In this fame-obsessed, mentally bankrupt culture we live in today, apparently so.

As someone who is frankly tired of the constant one-upmanship of brain-dead idiots in the pursuit of the most moronic — and fleeting — personal fame possible, I say bravo to the judge. We need a deterrent from this sort of stunt garbage. (Read more…)

An admission I can no longer deny

Much to my heavyhearted regret and chagrin, I have to admit something that pains me to no end to confess, and yet I cannot go on denying. (Read more…)

Jammer’s Reviews & Blog go mobile

Jammer Goes MobileYou can now read Jammer’s Reviews & Blog on your mobile device.

In my ongoing quest to keep up with the times, I’ve installed a mobile edition for Jammer’s Reviews & Blog, which is a version of the site intended to be friendly to on-the-go handheld devices like smart phones.

This initiative was prompted largely by the fact that a few months ago I finally upgraded my cell phone to a smart phone and broke down for mobile Internet. I’ve found myself using my phone for Internet access more than I thought I would. The next logical step was to make my own sites more friendly for mobile devices, now that I could test on one.

I thought it would be a quick project that would take a few hours. It ended up taking a few hours every day over the past week.

The initiative stopped short of retooling my site’s underlying structure. Some structural changes were made, but for the most part I shaped the mobile edition’s code around my existing site, not vice versa. (Read more…)

‘Will you at least admit that a nuclear explosion is awesome?’

I enjoy it when an actor just goes for it, completely uninhibited by the fear of looking silly or being accused of going totally over the top — continuing on long after an actor with reasonable restraint would’ve stopped. Memorably hilarious scenes that come to mind include Will Ferrell throwing a tantrum in a phone booth in Anchorman and Kurt Russell screaming bloody murder over a minor arm wound in Death Proof.

Or in the case of this great clip, Stephen Colbert doing an impression of a nuclear explosion. Hilarious.

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