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‘Will you at least admit that a nuclear explosion is awesome?’

I enjoy it when an actor just goes for it, completely uninhibited by the fear of looking silly or being accused of going totally over the top — continuing on long after an actor with reasonable restraint would’ve stopped. Memorably hilarious scenes that come to mind include Will Ferrell throwing a tantrum in a phone booth in Anchorman and Kurt Russell screaming bloody murder over a minor arm wound in Death Proof.

Or in the case of this great clip, Stephen Colbert doing an impression of a nuclear explosion. Hilarious.

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Lol, that was awesome. One of the best Colbert segments. And you have to give a lot of credit to the interviewee…he comes off as a good sport.

It takes a skilled performer to make such a skit watchable and laughable at the same time. Colbert is a master. Will Ferrell is another such example.

This little post actually gives me incentive to rewatch Death Proof. I still have Kurt Russell’s girly scream fresh on my mind. It’s one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen along with the girls kicking his rear end to oblivion.

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