February 2010

Caprica review: ‘Gravedancing’

Caprica: Gravedancing

When Daniel agrees to go on a late-night talk show, he considers distorting the truth about his daughter for the sake of public relations. Joseph finds himself caught between his conscience and a brutal Tauron code when he asks Sam to take vengeance on the Graystones.

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Caprica review: ‘Reins of a Waterfall’

Caprica: Reins of a Waterfall

The fallout from Amanda’s shocking public announcement puts Daniel’s business in jeopardy. Joseph and Sam play hardball when paying Daniel a visit. Zoe links back into the virtual realm, where she makes a surprising discovery. Sister Clarice makes contact with the STO.

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Go Daddy and Danica Patrick are the opposite of awesome

Go DaddyHi, I’m Danica Patrick. Check this shit out (Fig. 1): I will now sell you a domain name by staring intensely at you through your computer screen and hypnotizing you with my extremely undeniable Danica Patrick-ness. Because nothing says “domain names” quite like generic girls in tank tops, me, my awesomeness, and auto racing. Boo-yah.

I’ve about reached the end of my patience with Danica Patrick. Specifically, Danica Patrick teamed with Go Daddy to be an annual Super Bowl institution exercising tired and unfunny assumptions about the Lowest Common Denominator. Has anything ever played on such a dumb and repetitive brain-dead premise (“Hey, guys who watch football also like hot chicks in tank tops! You know, like at Hooters!) and so quickly become so utterly forced, predictable, and eye-roll worthy?

(The answer to that question, by the way, is: Why, yes, of course about a million things have achieved a similar feat of comparable eye-rolling lameness. This is just one such excellent example.)

I don’t remember when Go Daddy first rolled out its chicks-sell-domain-names ad campaign for the Super Bowl, but it’s probably been at least five years now. Or 10. Or 50. (How old is the Internet again?) (Read more…)

Funniest. Political ad. Ever.

If you haven’t already seen it, here it is. The Demon Sheep YouTube ad put out by Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, attacking her “FCINO” (Fiscal Conservative In Name Only) rival Thomas Campbell in a California primary race.

I’m not sure if their goal was for it to be this absolutely, stunningly, unintentionally hilariously over-the-top. (It plays exactly like a parody that you would see on The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.) But let’s put it this way: Lots of people are talking about it. (Read more…)

Caprica review: ‘Rebirth’

Caprica: Rebirth

Zoe finds herself treated like a machine, with her handlers unaware that her consciousness has been preserved inside a Cylon body. The Graystones’ grief proves troublesome as they consider attending a public memorial for the train bombing victims. William hangs out with his mob-connected uncle Sam, to the ire of Joseph.

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