May 2010

Review: ’24’ series finale: The clock runs out

24 series finaleJack Bauer kills Chloe O’Brian — revealed to be a mole — in the series finale of 24. Just kidding.

Note: Spoilers for 24’s final episode (and previous episodes) are contained herein.

For eight seasons, Jack Bauer and a frequently-rotating supporting cast (many of which were killed off unceremoniously by the writers for short-term shock value) have supplied us with some of the best action-adventure-intrigue on TV. And, of course, plots like Dana Walsh’s.

I know that I’ve been down on 24 this season, and through much of the past three seasons. Pop quiz: Which was worse — season eight or season six? I’m gonna have go with season six, because it was just so ham-fisted and shark-jumpy, even though it was probably more exciting than season eight on the whole. But please discuss.(*) (Read more…)

Lost review: ‘What They Died For’

Ben Linus
Benjamin Linus: liar, manipulator, killer … and one of the possible heroes of the island? We will see.

Spoilers follow for Lost’s “What They Died For.”

We are in the final leg of the final chapter, folks. “What They Died For” nicely sets up the series finale of Lost in pure Lostian fashion. Which is to say: It answers a number of questions, but maintains a level of mystery and suspense by not giving away the game and setting up one last mystery. It unleashes a final cut-to-black revelation that will have you pondering its exact meaning. Smokey wants to destroy the island, and use Desmond to do it? Whoa. How? Why?

But until the finale (tomorrow, as I hastily prepare this surface-scratching review), we have a few conclusions supplied here. (Read more…)

Law & Order: SVU review: ‘Shattered’

I used to be a huge Law & Order fan. Years ago, I used to watch every episode of all the L&O incarnations. Gradually, though, I had to give them all up. There’s just no point in me watching episodic police procedurals in this day and age when said procedurals have no interest whatsoever in character development or story arcs. They are disposable, and meant to be disposable, so why waste my time?

So, it’s a genre I’ve abandoned. Still, I always liked L&O, especially the mothership, and I took note that the mothership was canceled last week just one year shy of breaking the all-time prime-time drama record for consecutive years on the air, having tied at 20 with Gunsmoke. (Read more…)

Lost review: ‘Across the Sea’

Jacob: The good to the Man in Black’s evil? Or is it more complicated than that?

Note: Spoilers ahead for Lost’s “Across the Sea.”

One of the greatest things about Lost — and what allowed it to be so many things to so many people — was that the vastness of its cast and the structure of its flashbacks meant it could operate on so many different levels and genres from episode to episode.

It could be a sci-fi show, a period piece, a story about different characters from specific parts of the world, a time-travel adventure, or an exercise in Short Cuts-like narrative collisions. The longer the show went on, the more crevices of the series the show could explore. When it was through exploring them, it simply created new crevices and devices, like the flash-forward or the flash-sideways. (Read more…)

Lost review: ‘The Candidate’

Lost: The CandidateThere’s an old saying: Never trust a man who smiles while holding eight bricks of C4. (ABC)

Spoilers for Tuesday’s eventful episode of Lost are contained in this post after the fifth paragraph. Do not read beyond the fifth paragraph (not counting this one) if you do not want to be spoiled on major events of Lost. You have been warned.

I had hoped last week to write a non-spoiler missive on my adoration for Lost, a series I came to late (having watched all the DVDs last year, and only now watching the show unfold week to week) after having studiously avoided spoilers for five seasons. But that missive hasn’t happened yet, and I’ve been involved in a yard landscaping project that has pretty much monopolized my time for the past week. (Read more…)

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