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Election 2010: Here comes the crazy

I’ve not set aside much time to write lately. I’ve just been so busy this summer, and my approaching wedding is in three weeks. (Hell, this may very well be my final blog post as a single man.)

But I thought I would share this, since it would be quick to post and is just so absolutely insane.

After a week in which a publicity-starved d-bag held the American news cycle hostage (which is so easily distracted by crazy yahoos for the sake of entertainment value and shallow “debate” based on polarizing controversy — see this post for a perfect reading of the situation) because he threatened to set a bunch of Korans ablaze, the video below shouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Yes, we live in a time where shock value and attention-getting trumps all else, like coherence and content. Apparently you can be on the ballot and then gain national YouTube fame based on the same sort of train-wreck fascination that makes an instant classic out of teenage girls beating the crap out of each other on camera.

This guy is really pissed. Or acting really pissed. I’m not sure if he’s acting or just plain crazy. In today’s world, he’ll probably be elected for Taking A Stand. The fact that he’s a lunatic? Not especially relevant, I’m guessing. After all, he’s so gosh-darned frank and honest and sick of everything! We need more of that!

The dude mentions all his master’s degrees. I think he clearly forgot to mention his master’s degree in snorting 14 lines of coke before a speech.

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Only 14 lines? Perhaps he followed them up with 8 cups of coffee, a can of Red Bull, and some amphetamines? Or maybe he’s just gone off his lithium… (actually, this reminds me mainly of Dwight’s Speech)

Congratulations on your impending life sentence.

Wait, that came out wrong.

The good news is that the county Republican party in Ohio that he was trying to woo voted him down.

I read that too fast and thought it said “because he threatened to set a bunch of Koreans ablaze”. Well, “attention-getting” was right in my case, heh. And I work as a court transcriptionist! Be afraid, be very afraid (it’s okay, there’s three whole letters between guilty and not guilty).

Also grats on your upcoming wedding Jammer!

He has a Master’s in Communication but he can’t put two sentences together without looking at his speech. He can’t tell you his name or his degrees without looking at his speech.

“Tell Randy Gonzalez….[looks at speech]…I’m comin'”

You can’t get out “Tell Randy Gonzalez I’m comin'” in one thought?

“Tell Randy Gonzalez…[oh, crap, what am I supposed to tell him? looks at speech, oh, yeah]…I’m comin’!”

LOL, what a nut.

And I thought I’d seen everything in this world….

If he doesn’t get elected, Phil Davison could always try a gig on Comedy Central. What a raving lunatic!!!

All these crazy people are distracting us from the fact that Obama is a terrible president.

Anonymous, he’s better than the alternative which was McCain/Palin. ::shudder::

Well, according to Wikipedia, he failed:

“Phil Davison is a councilman in the village of Minerva, Ohio who unsuccessfully sought the Republican Party nomination for the office of the Stark County Treasurer in September 2010.[1] Davison’s speech to the executive committee of the local Republican Party became globally famous via the Internet due to his aggressive manner of speaking. His speech was recorded by Huffington Post citizen journalist Martin Olson,[2] and subsequently become a popular video on YouTube.[3] As of September 2010[update], YouTube users have viewed the video more than 1.2 million times.[4] The speech was given in the Johnson Center for Worship and the Arts at Malone University in Canton, Ohio. Davison went on to be featured in major media outlets in the United States[5] and around the world while defending his stance as a passionate person who strongly believes in helping people with aggressive action rather than touting the familiar political propaganda.[6]”

Can’t wait to see what you blog about the new season of “Caprica”. Are you also watching “The Event”?

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