November 2010

This just in: Cigarettes deadly; cigarette warnings hilarious

An FDA proposal set to be put into effect in 2011 will apparently require tobacco companies to put large new warnings on their products. These warnings will take up a full 50 percent of the packaging on a pack of cigarettes, according to the proposal on the FDA website.

Follow this link to see some of the proposed warning labels, complete with illustrations.

Now, I know that smoking and the negative health effects related to it are not a laughing matter.

Except in this case. (Read more…)

Conan to make his awaited return to TV

The thing I like about Conan O’Brien is that he seems like a guy who wants to do good comedy and at the same time wants to be himself. His best quality is that he is genuine. His jokes don’t always land or feel polished (indeed, they can be incredibly stupid and/or bizarre), but that’s part of his charm. He’s got that shaggy-dog appeal. Take, for example, his Show Zero promo for his new TBS show Conan (premiering Monday), which features grade-Z production values and off-the-cuff silliness.

Here’s a guy having fun and just trying to do something different. Does this work as a web-based “minisode” or a gag? Well, kind of, I guess. I admire the spirit even more than the end result itself. Conan puts himself out there, because he wants to entertain. (Read more…)

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