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Star Trek: TNG reviews: Season 5, Episodes 15-26

I’ve posted reviews for the remainder of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 5.

Go read ’em. Then post comments to the individual reviews over on the reviews themselves.

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Your reviews of Voyager are spot on. The doctor was the most interesting character who developed over the course of the series. Voyager was a weak show but Enterprise was the weakest. Obviously, DS9 is far and away the best series.

Thanks again for your continued reviews of TNG.

I’ve been reading your reviews for well over a decade, and have yet to be disappointed. Thanks for continuing to retro-review my favorite of all Treks.

(While you said you won’t be reviewing any more older shows, I still think Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” would be worth your time to watch.)

I agree. Firefly was an excellent series that certainly’s worth Jammer’s time. And at just 13 episodes+1 movie (which ends the series), the time needed won’t be much!

Thankyou as always, Jammer. I first discovered your reviews when I got into DS9 the summer after it ended, and you’ve been the most consistently entertaining and insightful Trek reviewer I’ve read (although the current work over at the AV Club is pretty amazing!). I tend to agree with most of your thoughts, and even when I don’t, I enjoy it all the more because your arguments are too rational to be dismissed!

Looking forward to the rest of TNG!

So, it took 41 days for the next batch of reviews after the “resurgence.” Am I over-thinking this?

I keep clicking on my “Jammer’s Reviews” bookmarks hopefully every morning. . .

(and sometimes afternoons)

Man, I was waiting on this forever and I think I finally stopped checking weekly right before you began posting them. Just my luck, hah!

By the way, rewatching Voyager for the first time since it originally aired (with the occasional exception, of course) and I’m liking it a good bit more than you did but it’s hard to deny a lot of your issues with it.

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