January 2012

Farewell, Priceline Negotiator

William Shatner, who has been Priceline’s pitchman for the past 14 years (!), makes his last plea for customers to negotiate their best deal in his final ad for the company, which has decided to retire the campaign and move on to something new.

Like another one of Shatner’s iconic characters, he plunges to his death in order to save others.

And blows up real good.

It’s an odd end to an odd advertising campaign. Farewell, Priceline Negotiator. You will be missed.

Louis C.K.: Independent comedian, auteur

Louis CK offers his latest special, Live at the Beacon Theater, for $5 on his website.

Over the past few years, the stock value, figuratively speaking, of comedian Louis C.K. has been going steadily up. In a few years we might look back and say that 2011 is when it officially hit its peak. I hope it stays high for a long while. I suppose that depends how long C.K. can maintain it, and if he can continue building on the success he’s currently having.

In his latest (independent) stand-up special, C.K., in typical self-deprecating fashion, notes how well things are going but suggests it must be temporary: “It’s not gonna last,” he says. “It’s been about eight months, I’ve got a year left, and then I’m back to being just like you.” (Read more…)

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