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Farewell, Priceline Negotiator

William Shatner, who has been Priceline’s pitchman for the past 14 years (!), makes his last plea for customers to negotiate their best deal in his final ad for the company, which has decided to retire the campaign and move on to something new.

Like another one of Shatner’s iconic characters, he plunges to his death in order to save others.

And blows up real good.

It’s an odd end to an odd advertising campaign. Farewell, Priceline Negotiator. You will be missed.

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“It was…fun. Oh my…”

Shatner does his duty. He makes an appearance as the trusted persona he has been portraying for years. Would that we all could learn from his lesson.

Farewell, dear negotiator!

I discovered your site looking for reviews of BSG, which I’m just watching now on Netflix for the first time. I wish you wrote more… your reviews of BSG are totally professional and amazingly well-written. Thank you! It’s fun to be able to read someone else’s take on the episodes.

I mean I wish you were writing more NOW, not that you wrote more about BSG. 🙂

Believe me, I wish I wrote more too. And I will again. Just a matter of fitting it back into my schedule. It’ll happen.

Can someone write down the last line of the Shatner ad that the lady says. is it supposed to be funny?

I should point out that not only is Priceline blowing up the Negotiator, they’re doing away with the “name your own price” business model entirely. Now they’ll just be offering fixed low prices like pretty much all their competition. Hard to keep the Negotiator on staff if you can’t negotiate anymore, hence the explosive end to the character.

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