March 2012

Jammer’s Reviews gets an upgrade

Jammer's DeskMy desk, which lately has felt like my home away from home — if not for the fact that it’s inside my home.

Based on how long it’s been since I’ve posted any new TNG reviews, one might assume that I am neglecting Jammer’s Reviews, my longest-running website project.

Far from it. I’ve been working hard on a behind-the-scenes upgrade to the website, which is necessary from time to time. The last major upgrade was in 2007. This upgrade marks the sixth generation of the site. I’ve created at least one new feature which should be of use to the active commenters who frequent the site.

Learn much more about this upgrade here.

New iPad announced and still iDon’tCare

New iPadAnother year, another iPad. I’m still not sold. (Apple photo)

The new iPad was announced yesterday. I thought it would be a good time to reassess my position from two years ago since the first iPad came out. But as I have for the past two years since Apple supposedly redefined the computing landscape, I can only shrug.

Now, I understand that I must not represent the market at large, but based on how much the iPad costs in its various incarnations, and what you gain from it, I just still for the life of me cannot wrap my head around its blockbuster popularity, let alone this notion that it has redefined the future of computing by ushering in an era of tablets that will soon supposedly become more often purchased than laptops or desktops. (Read more…)

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