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Summer is here, so it’s time for some TNG reviews

The TNG crew stares at you, and trust me — they won’t blink first.

So, last weekend I was sitting around watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory on TBS that I’d already seen two or three times, feeling settled after a busy week wrapping up the eighth week in my new career path (I am no longer in the newspaper industry, I’m both sorry and relieved to report, but that’s a blog for another day) — and I realized that here I was, actually wasting time and feeling bored about it.

I could no longer hide behind the excuse of “life is too busy” in procrastinating on the TNG review project. I looked at the calendar and realized that a whole year had now gone by since I finished up season five of TNG.

I right then pulled out the DVDs and watched some TNG episodes. I felt rusty, as if I wouldn’t even remember how to write a TNG review anymore after so long away from it. But, as is always the case, once I sat down and just started typing, it was like riding a bike to get back into that process. (I always know this before I even sit down, but it still feels like I don’t quite believe that it will come back naturally until I actually do it. Breaking that logjam; it’s gotta be done.)

So the logjam is broken. I have the first five reviews of TNG season six now posted, and my goal is to write at least three or four reviews every week through the summer until season six is finished. Then it will be on to season seven. I would still like to wrap TNG up in 2012.

So check back often, enjoy some new reviews, and leave your comments so we can all continue the dialogue. After all, these reviews, in their shorter format, are conducive for conversation-starting since I’m not covering every detail.

It’s nice to be back.

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Yay!!!!! Go Jammer!

Cheers Jammer 🙂

Good to see you’re doing well (I don’t think anyone under the age of 40 thinks the newspaper business has a strong future).

I pretty much agree with your reviews so far (of course, that’s usually the case). Looking forward to the rest, whenever they come out.

I discovered your site early this year, Jammer. Your writing style is compelling, making your reviews very enjoyable to read. I now find myself checking out your review and the comments prior to re-watching an episode. I agree with your review assessments almost always. For those I would rate differently–of course, it was just a matter of personal preferences. Cheers!

Jammer, you rule!

I’m glad you’re continuing your TNG reviews (and maybe even wrapping it up in time for the 25th Anniversary of the show!) They’re so enjoyably insightful.

If you or anyone here is interested the whole cast reunited in Calgary, AB a month ago (for the aforementioned 25th anniversary). It ruled!

It was recorded and put on YouTube here:

Once again, go Jammer. (You’re review of “Relics” was particularly spot on).

Thanks Jammer. Looking forward to reading these.

Thank you. 🙂

Shows how much traffic this site still gets, even without constant new material, that most of the reviews had comments on before I got here and I check everyday for updates.

I feel like your internet stalker

Welcome back! We were always here, waiting for you 🙂

This is great news!!

I’m glad to hear this 🙂

I’ll be waiting for your reviews. Don’t push yourself too hard (3 reviews per week sounds like a lot after so long without any review!)

Enjoy the summer!


Glad to see you back writing Jammer. Looking forward (Hopefully) to the rest of the TNG reviews and hopefully you can find a show to review to keep the site going. With no Star Trek, I would hate to see this site fade into oblivion, because the traffic is still there.

Excellent news! Recording 3 episodes a day, and frantically trying to watch them before the hard disk fills.. Just starting series 5 now, and enjoy reading your reviews after each one – I generally agree, but get some extra insight from what you say. With any luck you’ll manage to stay ahead of me!


Oh and something weird I think, is that in the UK they only seemed to show repeats of series 1-3 in the 90s and early 2000s (when I was watching from time to time). I have seen some of these episodes many times and thought they were good, seen very few in series 4 before, and none of subsequent series. These later episodes really are superior to a lot of the early stuff, and it is only now, that I can see this! Thank goodness for CBS action…


I’ll be brutally honest- if it took you twenty years to post these review. Rhey’d still be worth waiting for!

More power to your pen!


I don’t comment much on reviews, but I take this opportunity to thank you for your work. Everytime I watch an ST-episode (in whichever incarnation) I come back to this place to read about it. It’s become part of my full ST-experience. Recently I did the same with Caprica and before that with BG. So thanks again and keep up the good work. I’m from Kruibeke (Belgium) so – not that you don’t know that already – your work is read around the world. Must be a funny thought while watching a tv series in the comfort and privacy of your own living room.

You lucked out, you bastard. I had pretty much given up on you–only clicking in about once a month or so to check but right now I am full of greyhounds (vodka and grapefruit) so when I clicked I was going to tear you a new one for not providing free content at your own expense. How dare you!

But I have been made so happy by the fact that I have new jammer reviews to read that I am tearing up a little bit.



I DO have a life–I’m a history professor. It’s just that this is one of my refuges when those little whiners get me down.


Thanks Jammer. Been a fan of yours since I was 12, now I’m 25! How the years fly by.

Hey Jammer, just wanted to add to the frequent praise heaped upon these reviews. I’ve been a reader of your Trek and BSG reviews for years.

While I think TNG peaked in its 4th season, I’m looking forward to your thoughts on some of the episodes still to come – the Chain of Command two parter, Ship in a Bottle, The Pegasus, Preemptive Strike and of course All Good Things…That last title will be very fitting as the long road towards completing the TNG reviews comes to an end!


Hey, Jammer! LONG TIME reader, first time poster.

Glad to see you back in the saddle! I’d given up hope of seeing more reviews on your site, but I’m happy to see you coming back to finish your “difficult third album”. I’ve been reading your reviews for many years, and I’ve always enjoyed them. Many times, I’ve read your musings, even picking up on things that I have missed.

Welcome back!

Nice to see you back in the saddle again Jammer! I really enjoy reading your reviews. Do you ever go back and review new comments on old episode reviews? Thanks.

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