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Jammer’s Reviews: TNG Season 6, Episodes 6-9

Continuing my Summer of Season Six, albeit not completely on schedule, here are four new episode reviews for Star Trek: TNG.

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All right! That means you’re getting closer to reviewing the “Chain of Command” two-parter; “Ship in a Bottle” and “Tapestry”. I’m also looking for your thoughts of Dr. Bashir’s appearance on TNG–getting it from a DS9 fan should prove interesting.

BTW, great work so far!

As much as I do like Season 6, I gotta admit, the first half is pretty uneven. Now you’re getting to the middle and the end and the season should pick up, especially the next two episodes, which I will be surprised doesn’t get less than 3.5 stars each (Second one should get 4).

@GregM Come on, the first half of ssn 6 is one of the most creative and diverse periods in the franchise episode to epidode is distinctive visually and conceptually, consistentpy new, creative ideas…..the second half falls flat and is quite slow and boring except for timesacpe

I’d say the second half is a little stronger overall, but both halves had some classics and some duds. My favorite episodes are “Chain of Command”, “Face of the Enemy”, “Tapestry”, “Frame of Mind” and “second Chances”.

Thank god for summer!

Season six is awesome so far,keep it beamed up and thanks Jammer 🙂

Most people I know care. I care, buasece it’s not some nameless schmuck doing the movie. Star Trek had the Bond problem. Both franchises needed a Speilberg, Fincher or Tarantino to take the helm.Hopefully Abrahms will make that happen.

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