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Jammer’s Reviews: TNG Season 6, Episodes 15-19

TapestryPicard gets the opportunity to change key events in his youth in “Tapestry.”

I’ve posted five new reviews for TNG’s sixth season, including what I’ve always gathered was a fan-favorite, “Tapestry.” I’m sure my less-than-perfect rating will get me excoriated by those whose days I just ruined by not agreeing that this was the end-all-be-all of TNG, even though I like the episode a hell of a lot.

Or perhaps there are people out there who agree with me that “Tapestry” is a standout episode, but not as profound as some people make it out to be.

Hey, I could be one of the people who is wrong on this one. And the flip side of the coin: There might be people out there who hate “Tapestry,” although I severely doubt those people are nearly as numerous as those who love it.

Bottom line is: Thanks to the Internet, we can find all ranges on the spectrum, and most important, we can discuss it all in the comment sections. Of course, since these are the Jammer’s Reviews & Blog comment sections, I know the comments will be absolutely first-rate, without the stupidity and flame wars that show up in a lot of Internet comment areas.

Oh yeah: This batch of reviews also includes Die Hard on the Enterprise. Let’s have at it people. Yippee ki-yay, Mr. Riker!

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Whoa, just saw the update as I was on the main page. Sweet! Gonna check it out now…

It will take a while until I reach Season 6, but it’s great to see your reviews are coming blazing fast again!

At this rate you’ll definitely wrap up TNG by the end of the year.

Go go go Jammer!!

Thanks for staggering them. Really gives the users of this site extra reason to pop back regularly.
I’ll almost be sad when you finish… What next!

Off topic of the reviews:

It feels strange saying Jammers Reviews / Star Trek Hypertext was a part of my childhood. For time to time to time I come back and check it out for old times sake.

Jammer, post a video review on YouTube. That will get you your instant flame war. Then somehow it’ll degrade in to some combination of a religious, gay rights and Canada VS America flamewar. Never fails.

Lol @ Kevin – so very true sadly. Watched a clip on youtube just the other day and saw heated debates on politics, religion, race and oddly enough more things that have NOTHING to do with said clip.

Btw Jammer thank you again for the updates. Question though…have you heard the rumours of Bryan Singer and Bryan Burke bringing the Star Trek: Federation tv series idea to JJ Abrams after next movie? Would be interesting seeing as how Federation would have to take place in common universe and not the reboot universe.

Have not heard those rumors. I am not up on new Trek news the way I once was. But I might have to go take a look at what the rumor mill is generating these days.

I hope Federation stays buried, or at least the current version of it. Too much of it sounds fanwankish.

Hurry and finish the reviews, Jammer! I’m looking forward to seeing you shred “Descent”.


Of all the remaining season 6 episode reviews remaining: “Frame of Mind” is the one I’m waiting to hear your take on the most. It’s like Voyager’s “Projections” with its “what is real?” premise amped up with an Hitchcockian flair. (as within Trek’s capacity).

Trivia: TNG’s “Frame of Mind” precedes VGR’s “Projections” by 2 years.

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