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Jammer’s Reviews: TNG Season 7, Episodes 7-9

The Enterprise is saddled with an interstellar speed limit after the events of “Force of Nature.”

I had planned to post a batch of six reviews in this latest update, but I got pulled off-track in my reviewing schedule. So I don’t have the six. Just three. I’ve actually been sitting on these three reviews for a few weeks now. But seeing as my last review post was more than a month ago now, I thought I’d better get something new out there.

So here are reviews for TNG‘s “Dark Page,” “Attached,” and “Force of Nature” — a 1-for-3 stretch of shows with two of them rather … not good. So it goes.

Because I need to write enough text to fill this space running alongside this image, I’ll ask this: You know what else is not good? Donald Trump. The guy is a self-promoting bloviating toolbag of stunningly epic proportions. It’s amazing that the media still takes him quasi-seriously, considering that everything he says and does boils down to being a commercial for himself as a brand, but displaying about 100 percent less self-awareness than any brand would ever dare.

But you know what’s good? Stephen Colbert satirizing Donald Trump. The bit in this video is the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks.

Anyway, we now return to our regularly scheduled TNG reviews.

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SITTING ON REVIEWS!?! When I have been checking in here every day to see if there is something new and now I find you you had it all along!

Well, thanks for posting. I am just sitting here waiting for Sandy to hit my house, so it is nice to have something to entertain me now.

Trump is as big a dick as Admiral Pressman was in “The Pegasus” (“The First Duty”-lite). You’re review of that episode will rock (as all your Trek reviews).

grumpy_otter I highly recommend subscribing to Jammer’s RSS feed (and using Google Reader to boot). This is the very site that introduced me to the concept and demonstrates how useful it can be.

Thanks, Peter–but I assume you have to have a cell phone for that?

Besides, then I couldn’t have my fun of yelling at Jammer.

Wait, why is Trump such a bad guy? He is kind of Douche’, but not a bad guy. I am guessing if he asked for bush’s transcripts, alot of people wouldn’t have this “problem” with Trump all of a sudden. I am glad there are people like Trump out there (and Warren Buffet, for a similar lefty) who actually push things that would otherwise be ignored. Why is Trump being a jerk, to learn more about the guy who is leading our country? I don’t think that is inappropriate at all, just as i don’t think it is inappropriate to want to see all of a Romney’s tax returns, these are people who want to lead this country.

I am really scared living in a country where the people asking (and offering money to charities to boot) to get information on our leaders are the ones booed, rather than the ones who refuse to provide it, despite being in positions of utmost power.

Shame on you Jammer.

@ grumpy_otter : nope, definitely not. Both RSS feeds and Google reader should work in any normal browser. It’s great for keeping track of all the updates from all the sites you regularly visit, without having to check in on them on a daily basis. It’s saved me a lot a time here at least 😉 Jammer posted an interesting (if cautionary) article about it here :

I take your point about shouting a Jammer though – it’s a deeply ingrained internet ritual now!

With regards to Trump, as a Brit looking in, I am rather perplexed. Politics here is no less labyrinthine, but still seems quite straight forward in comparison. You couldn’t really make it up – TV rarely does justice to the whole enterprise. (I recommend watching the Danish show Borgen, if anyone’s interested, for the best depiction though)

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