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Jammer’s hiatus explained with a special announcement

One might be wondering why — with only six TNG reviews to go before finishing up my long-protracted and often-delayed TNG reviewing project, and thus completing my reviews of the entire Trek canon — I would suddenly stop after my last post back in early December. My latest hiatus can be explained simply, but I’ll also break down some details for those who find interest in stuff like that.

The simple reason is that my wife Kathy and I have been expecting our first child. We found out she was pregnant in early July, with an expected due date of March 15, 2013.

You may have noticed sometime in 2012 my level of urgency in completing the TNG project went up. This was no small coincidence. I knew we were planning to start our family and that I would have a real-life ticking clock, because my plan was to complete the TNG project before the arrival of the baby. I set myself the goal of the end of 2012 so that I could finish up TNG and then focus on getting our house ready for the baby.

Well, that didn’t quite work out how I’d planned. December was here, and that’s always a crazy month because of the holidays and the travel and the hustle and bustle and family time that comes with that month. So review writing got pushed to the back burner. If I had the discipline to keep at it, I probably could’ve found the time, but life is a balance, and the balance shifted me away from review writing.

Then, in January, things started really ramping up for preparing for our daughter’s (confirmed by ultrasound) arrival. Gift registries. Product research. Baby showers. Moving furniture and painting walls to convert my office into a nursery. Crib selection and assembly. Stroller assembly. More baby product assembly. Carpet cleaning. You name it. Basically every weekend in January and February was devoted to some sort of project or travel or baby-related event. Meanwhile, being at my new job since only last March meant I had limited vacation time — all of which was already earmarked for the weeks immediately following our little one’s birth.

So, then, a couple weekends ago (February 23-24), after spending a Sunday afternoon installing infant car seats in our cars and cleaning the carpets of our house’s main floor — the last major project on my checklist — we were completely ready, with three whole weeks to spare until our daughter’s due date. Kathy and I even planned one last relaxing date night for ourselves for the evening of Saturday, March 2. Dinner and a movie.

So what better time, then, to stop and take a breath, and during that week knock out those last few reviews of TNG, right? And that’s exactly what I started doing, with a plan to post some reviews by the weekend.

Then, on Thursday, February 28, Kathy went for her doctor’s visit, where they had a few concerns with what they saw on the monitors and wanted to induce labor and, long story short, a few minutes later I received a phone call at work from Kathy that ended with me saying, incredulously, “NOW?!”

By Friday morning, March 1, we were holding our healthy and beautiful baby daughter. Needless to say, our March 2 date night was canceled.

As I write this, our little girl is one week old. We have been home from the hospital since Monday. Kathy is napping soundly on the couch and our baby girl — who is so tiny and adorable that words are not sufficient — is sleeping comfortably in her baby swing. I’m typing on my laptop with an hour or so to kill, the room is quiet and still, and all feels right in the world. We are so very blessed as new parents.

Meanwhile, I’ve got some time off work for the first time in nearly a year. I’ll even have some time to write, not that it’s my top priority. But be on the lookout for some new reviews (many of them are already written). It will probably be within a few days.

In the meantime, I’ll be on daddy duty.

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Congratulations Jammer..May your daughter and wife and you Live Long & Prosper! May I ask what’s her name? Is it Naomi Wildman, dare I hope…jk

Congrats, Jammer! Great news! TNG can wait…until next week! hehe

Congratulations, of course. But how is that any kind of excuse? What better way to celebrate the arrival of Jammerette than by revisiting episodes with titles like “Firstborn,” “Bloodlines,” and “Emergence.”

Oh well. I guess we’ll have to bide our time reading old reviews of “The Offspring,” “The Child,” “Family,” “When the Bough Breaks,” “Rascals,” “Birthright” parts 1 and 2 and “Rightful Heir.” And, oh, let’s say “Unexpected.”

Leif, if you’d be happy with Jammer naming her Naomi Wildman, I think you’d be satisfied enough with her being named “Kathy”.

Congratulations. You are fully dilated, you may now give birth.

But for real, congratulations on your first child. TNG can wait.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Oh Congrats!

Congratulations, Jammer! No one can fault you on priorities.

“The sky’s the limit”–JLP, (“All Good Things…”)

Jammer, thats awesome! congratulations! I was scared it was gonna be bad news, like you decided Star Trek sucks or something!

As a fellow dad of 2 little ones, if you were ever gonna finish those 6 episodes, it is RIGHT NOW!!!!! The months leading up to the birth are intense, no doubt, and once the kid starts crawling and eating everything it sees, you will worry constantly, but right now, for about 4-6 months, they don’t do much of anything. I remember afternoons just reading good bucks with the baby laying on me, so nice and comfortable. But that is very short. Once they start moving, “Your life, as it has been – is over”, to quote a certain someone.

BTW, I meant “books”, not “bucks”! I was not rolling around reading my money.

Congratulations Jammer!

Congratulations on the little Jammette, Jammer!

Congrats to you both… I hope you can sneak off for a few hours in May to see the new Movie.

We’ll expect the review around Xmas time. ;o)

Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your daughter. That’s fantastic news.

Congratulations Jammer! Somehow, I thought you were already a father. But, I guess that wasn’t the case.

These are some epic news. Better get down to the last bunch of TNG reviews before you become an out of time man.

Congrats again! With a bit of luck (and guidance) your daughter will become a Trek fan by herself. Only time will tell.

Frankly said, I’ve been wondering about the reasons for this sudden hiatus. This was one of the rare cases when the best possibility proved to be true 🙂

Best wishes from a fellow father (two small boys).

Congratulations to you and Kathy! I wish you all the best! 😀

Take all the time you want on TNG, Jammer! Congratulations!

This is the best review.

San José, Costa Rica
Alpha Quadrant

Long, longtime reader. Started reading in high school, now I’m thirty and expecting our firstborn in the summer. I give you joy sir! TNG can wait 🙂

I am so very happy for you and Kathy and the new girl in your life! Best of wishes Jammer! You now has a handful!! 😀

Congratulations Jammer

We have keenly awaited new arrivals from the Jammer household for many years. Like your reviews I’m sure the arrival of Baby Jammer will be given the same superb attention to detail, love and care.

I know you mark out of four, but in this case it’s definitely a 5 star rating.


Congratuations on your daughter!

In a way, your reviewing “prime” Star Trek is a bookend that came full circle. You’ll finish your reviews after the birth of your first child at the point where you started, right after you graduated high school.

More importantly though, best of luck as a new parent!

Congratulations Jammer. That is wonderful news. Can I ask what your daughter’s name is? If you don’t want to share that’s cool too. The reviews can wait. To get a new bundle of joy in your lives is a beautiful thing.

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter and on being a father. May you and your family have a happy life together in this new phase of your life.


Hope you’re getting sleep!

Live Long and Prosper!!! 🙂

Looking forward to these last TNG reviews. I just love this site.

Btw, have you watched the new Battlestar webisodes?

Congratulations Jammer! Brilliant news. Been following your site for years, for both reviews and your personal life. It’s just good to hear things going so well for you.

So happy so many awesome things are happening for you and Mrs Jammer!!!


Wonderful, Jammer. Slainte.

Does your daughter have a name yet?

That’s fantastic news! Congratulations to you both!

Congratulations! 🙂

Congratulations Jammer! I wish you and your family well…I’m glad you are there for your daughter. I have a 6 year old daughter and she loves me to death. Daughters definitely need their fathers. You’ll get to your reviews when you get to it, I can understand that, thanks for the reviews you have already done as well.

Great news, Jammer! I remember when our daughter was born, eight years ago. Priorities shifted considerably, stuff like writing became a whole lot less important.
I wish you three all the best.

Congrats! Your life is no longer your own! But it’s worth it!

Congratulations, Jammer!

Congrats amigo!!!

Congrats Jammer! We know you’ll raise her right by showing every episode of Star Trek!

Belated congratulations to you and Kathy, Jammer! You’re a few years younger than me, and I remember reading your reviews when you were still in school and I was just starting to fumble my way through the real world. Now, well, you’re making me feel my age. Ah, screw it, I’ll stop spewing my midlife crisis on you and go listen to “Landslide” on repeat for an hour or so. Best wishes to you and the family!

As Orci stated “you still have your Star Trek DVD’s”. TNG Season 7 is not going anywhere.

On a serious note, congrats!! Make sure you have a cigar ready for the ocassion. We wish the best for you and your family.

Live Long & Prosper!!

Did anyone get you a Trekkie onesie for your daughter? A must have!

D’aww ^,_^


Belated congratulations on the birth of little Guinan Jammer!

congrats on all good news.

When you decide to write again (and after your STID review) what’s say you tackle Breaking Bad!

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