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Why write reviews when I could be applying for a new mortgage?

Will I ever review Star Trek Into Darkness? Yes. It’s just been a hectic and busy past few months. My adorable baby daughter is almost eight months old now and we spend a lot of time playing with her. Also, we just bought a new house, moved, and we’re in the process of selling our old house. (If I had time, I would blog about how much I hate the hassle and time/money drain of real estate.) So life is good, but also very busy.

I bought Into Darkness on Blu-ray shortly after it was released, but have not yet watched it as a refresher for writing my review. I’ll get to that eventually so I can finally weigh in on this movie, but it may be several more weeks. Maybe I’ll shoot for the end of the year. Talk about prolonging things.

And then after that I’ll catch up on the 550-plus comments that have been posted about Into Darkness while I’ve been AWOL.

Until then, I’ll be unpacking some more boxes…


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No worries about the delay. Hope you’re enjoying family life.

When you do post the STID review, will you consider putting it in its own new post so that the comments start fresh?

I think it’s very cool that there’s been the other discussion thread in the meantime and hope it’ll be preserved, but I’d also prefer that it stay in a separate location of its own, if that isn’t already the plan. To me there’s a difference between commenting on the movie and commenting on your review of the movie, so it seems more readable and convenient for your review to be immediately followed by comments on your review, rather than first having to wade past the 550+ comments made about the movie prior to your review, if that makes sense.

Looking forward to reading.

No prob, but make sure you and your wife are taking some me time too. That’s important.

So dramatic… just write the review and be done with it. Here’s the thing about Roger Ebert. Come rain, or shine, or cancer, or having to speak through a computerized voice synthesizer, he got his reviews written. No excuses, no apologies, just got the work done.

Either do it or don’t. Just please stop stringing your readers along before you end up with no readers at all.

That’s a little harsh, JP. I don’t think Ebert ever tried to raise a family, and he was being paid for his reviews a bit more than Jammer. Feel free to move on if you don’t feel like waiting for Jammer.

jdm: You’re right it was harsh and I apologize. Note to self, don’t post on comment sections whilst in a bad mood. Nothing good generally comes of it.

I should probably make one thing clear: If this website were my number one priority, then, yes, of course I could’ve gotten the review written long ago. That’s an obvious fact. It’s been nearly six months.

But the reality is that it’s simply not a top priority. Not even close. I still intend to write the review, but I make no promises on the timeline. At this point, the matter of when I post it is not all that relevant, because it’s already too late to be remotely timely. I think everyone realizes that, and I certainly am operating under that assumption.

I used to make apologies for the tardiness of my reviews, but I’m way beyond that point. You can wait for the review, or not. Your choice. Either way, that’s not going to change my plans or what I choose to fill the hours of my day with that aren’t already spoken for in terms of going to work, sleeping, spending time with my family, or doing household chores. Life is balance — one that for me right now doesn’t include much writing.

I’m not trying to string anybody along here. I figured a post after two months to update on what I’m doing would signify that I’m not dead, at the very least, and that the website isn’t completely abandoned.

Couldn’t you just post a picture of a big pile of fecal matter and be done with it?

(But seriously, thanks at least for the communication.)

@Brandon, beat me to it! I was actually going to suggest a short, one-paragraph review accompanied by a gif of Picard’s facepalm.

The haters have migrated.

I’m still a big fan Jammer. Your website isn’t great because of timely review, it’s great because of the thoughtfulness and depth of reviews and the near completeness of the Star Trek universe is reviewed.

Good luck sir, I just moved and have two young kids, and things that are important to me have been back burned while I take care of my family and house.

Nice to hear from you again, from a loooong time lurker.
Best of luck with the real life out there 😉

After this, you must boot up Netflix and start reviewing Breaking Bad.

“Breaking Bad” was great. I won’t be reviewing it, but still.

Just want to say best wishes to you and your family! My husband and I have a son about 8 and a half months old, and he is more delightful even than Star Trek 🙂 Looking forward to your review whenever you have the time, and glad to know things are going well out there in real life.

Life happens and people move on. Since none of us are paying for this, Jammer’s time belongs to him. If given the choice between being with our families or writing a review for a movie that most of us have discussed to death anyway, I doubt many here would choose the review. I’d say Jammer has his priorities just about right.


I have always loved your reviews. This is one of the best Trek sites on the Internet.

Your reviews of the series, films, et cetera are spot-on.

When I watched DS9 the first time, I read all your reviews.

Sometimes, for fun, I just go through your lists of reviews of episodes and see which ones have four stars, then watch those.

P.S. PLEASE review Star Trek Into Darkness asap!!!!!!

P.P.S. You DID review Breaking Bad:

““Breaking Bad” was great.”

Loan officers are just above real estate salesmen.

Could it just be a bad case of writter’s block? 🙂

Nope. It’s purely a case of time allocation. Daily Life 100%, Writing 0.

If we get the review at some point, I’m going to be happy.

Jammer’s reviews are never on time, but they are always very well written, deep and fun to read.

When I read the TNG ones it doesn’t come to mind that’s been more than a decade and a half since the show ended. What I think is how accurate they are and those reviews are as good as something written on day one.

Btw, happy holidays people!

All sympathies for the PITA that is buying a house, Jammer. I do mortgage work, and I’ll say some of the hassles are necessary remedies to the mess that was going on before the financial crisis (I am a big defender of the tightening of underwriting standards and requirements). But a lot of it’s just dumb. I hope it’s turned out well despite the frustration.

Very much looking forward to the “Into Darkness” review. I feel like the critical opinion has kind of gone from tepidly up on it to way, way down, and I’m curious to see what you ultimately think.

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