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Checking in for 2014

Hello, everyone. Jammer here. Still alive. Just to let everyone know, this site is not abandoned. Not at all. I continue to read all comments every day posted on the website, via the comment browser, which might be one of the best features I ever put on the site.

Life is good. Our baby daughter took her first steps (without holding onto furniture, which she’s been walking along for a couple months now) last weekend during the much-hyped “polar vortex.” She’s still learning the whole sustained balance thing. Also, during the polar vortex I broke in my new snow thrower on a day where it was 15 degrees below zero with negative-45-degree wind chills. Fun times!

We’re well settled into our new home. I’ve got lots of various little jobs and tasks around the house still on my list. And every week is a blur for us with our daily routines as full-time working mom and dad. And, of course, there were the holidays. Much craziness there, of course. Also a blur.

But things look to be settling down a bit. This means I will actually finally probably be able to find some weekend writing time this month to finish that long-delayed Star Trek Into Darkness review. Don’t doubt my resolve to see something through to completion just because it has taken so long for it to happen. I point to my TNG reviews as Exhibit A.

So, happy new year! Looking forward to delivering at least one new review in 2014!

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Jammer good to know you are ok. And if you find time watch Helix, it is the best sci fi series of the last years/

Great to hear from you! Looking forward to the review.

There have been rumors of a new Trek TV show in the works. One of these days, it’d be great to hear your thoughts on what such a show would need to do to succeed.

Rumors of a new Trek show? You’re not talking about the one with Captain Ransom, are you? I haven’t heard any other rumors…

Might be a fun conversation to have, though…what would a new Trek series need to succeed?

Oh and Jammer, enjoy your life and don’t hurry back. 🙂

Happy New Year! Glad to hear life is going good 🙂

Awesome news. Glad family life is treating you well.

My only concern is once the STID review comes up what other reason will you to update this site?

@Brandon, Orci has hinted that he’s trying to get a new show launched:

Also, separately, Michael Dorn has said that there’s some interest in his script for a Klingon show (although I’m much more skeptical that will ever happen)

Oh god no.

Comment browser turns this site from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. Users come for the user-generated content — which takes all the pressure off the site proprietor. With a single button, Jammer, you’ve created a community.

Glad you’re coming back, Jammer. For those who sat through Into Darkness–avenge us.

Michael Dorn’s wrong, thankfully. He’s becoming the George Takei (“fans want Excelsior!”) of TNG.

With some unfortunate tardiness, I wish all the fellow Trekkies a happy and prosperous New Year. Most of all, to Jammer I wish a beautiful and fulfilling family life with at least two more children to come. If that number threatens to overload your system, know that your faithful readers and posters will always be there to help you reverse polarity.

Cheers Jammer and best of luck!

<3 Jammer <3

I wish your family well.

My April Fool’s idea:

Wait to post the review until April 1st. The week before, let everyone know that at long last the review is coming. Tell people that after toiling on the review for a year that you are almost there. Put a countdown on the page if you would like.

Then, on April Fool’s Day, post a link to the review and have the review read, “This movie sucks.”

Well he missed the boat on that one.

I’m going to take his silence as a negative review.

“Not worth watching”

There is no wish fulfillment in this post whatsoever. None at all. At all.

Jammer – hope your life is doing well. Just want to let you know that whenever you post your review of Star Trek: Into the Darkness, I’ll read it, whether that review is this year or 10 years from now. Thanks for the massive work you’ve put into this site already, and I wish you well.

Corey R.

Jammer, I wonder if you watch Game of Thrones, and what’s your opinion of it!

well, i’m afraid this is the end of jammersreviews.

When it’s the end, I will announce it. There’s been no such announcement, ergo, not the end.

This has been a hiatus. A longer one than I thought it would be, but a hiatus nonetheless.

Honestly, some of you guys need to be more respectful. Jammer isn’t paid for this, nor is he obligated to write any these reviews in the first place, let alone finish them in a timely manner to suit your needs. You should be thankful that he does what he does without demands or expectations!

Plus I rather he take his time and give us a well thought out and written review than be forced to push something out as quickly as possible. And writing is a bit of an art form, you need to be in the right frame of mind AND, for Jammer, catch that moment it in between all the other stuff he no doubt is juggling on his plate with a family and career. Sure, I look forward to seeing the STID review, and no doubt we’ll eventually see it, but I’m not going to pressure Jammer in the meantime.

I’m just thankful for all the quality reviews he’s given us over the years, and there’s been a LOT. I know, as possibly one of the longest-time viewers of Jammer’s site (I started in early 1995, using the Lynx text-based browser on my Apple II!). Hard to believe it’s almost 20 years later!

Jammer – Thanks all the time and effort over the years, and I look forward to more! (whenever you have the time to spare and share it with us!). 🙂

This could read checking in for 2015 an nobody would know the difference.

Honestly when he does post the review it’ll be slightly underwhelming because really there’s not much to say about STID other than “it tried to be too much like Wrath of Khan, it was bad.”


Jammer has created the expectations himself by promising a review. Yeah, he’s not beholden to them or anything, and yeah, he’s got a life. And in the end, it’s only a movie review. But people expect good things from him because he’s created his own reputation as a quality reviewer and has established expectations. So I can see it from both sides.

I approach it the same way I did the copout finales of BSG and Lost: If you don’t want to be criticized over the answers, don’t pose the questions.

And as far as taking time to get things right, I will simply point out that the movie’s been out for over a year. 😉

Brandon – I’d be more concerned if he were still reviewing weekly series like DS9, VOY or ENT and fell several months behind. STID I can let slip because it’s just a stand alone movie, and not even one following a story arc where I’m dying to hear his take on where he thinks it’s going.

To be fair, I don’t even consider STID official Trek canon, it is just pure Hollywood garbage spew. I have far more respect for the Filmation Trek cartoon of the 70’s, or dare I say it, even Voyager was more true to form. Hell even old SNL and other comedy show TV skits poking fun at Star Trek were more faithful to the series than this film! There’s not a whole lot to say except to say it bares no resemblances to Star Trek.

Yep, I’d prefer seeing his review sooner rather than later, but in this case I’m okay with it being overdue.

Hey, Jammer…you should review Star Trek Continues. I know it’s a fan-made production, but it’s the smartest and best-executed of them by a long shot. I never thought such a production would win me over, but it does.

Have you read this stuff supposedly from Ron Moore? He basically states all the same complaints about Voyager that you had.

I just wanted to thank you very much for this site. I have seen every single episode of all the Treks over the years at least once and have introduced my older son to the franchise who is now a huge fan. I regularly check your site to see if the next episode in the series is one that I want to watch yet again with him (we’re currently on DS9 ). I enjoy reading everyone’s comments about the episodes too.

So it’s nearly October…

Breaking the Ice. I was wondering when we might be able to anticipate your review for “Star Trek Into Darkness”? Even if there are several other reviews of the film out there already, we’d still love to hear your insights.

Jammer, I first came across this site when I was in college (about 15 years ago) and I just wanted to say… well done.

Is the May 24 comment the most recent Jammer has written on the site? If he were hit by a bus (or a stray photon torpedo), would we even know?

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