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‘Lethe’ takes a closer look at its characters

Gabriel Lorca is like the Schrödinger’s Captain of Star Trek. Either he’s a well-intended military man who bends the rules for the greater good and has gone a little crazy because of traumatic events — or he’s an amoral self-server willing to sell you out and do who-knows-what-else to save his own ass. You can read the clues of "Lethe" both ways and come to either conclusion. The series seems agnostic on the character so far because it wants to shroud his motivations in mystery and play the long game.

Again, this can be frustrating. I don’t have to root for the guy to necessarily get something out of watching him. But I feel like I should at least know I have enough information to make some sort of moral judgment about his actions. But the series is vague and doesn’t seem to believe there’s merit in having the truth be in the details; instead, the mysteries are in the fog.

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