Orville’s ‘Into the Fold’ crashes and burns

It seems fitting that the first script credited to Voyager alums Brannon Braga and Andre Bormanis involves a Shuttle Crash [TM]. It’s a shuttle crash that, from the looks of it, should’ve left everyone aboard, with the possible exception of Isaac, quite dead. The tail end of the shuttle even breaks off, like the plane in Lost. This leaves our crash survivors separated from each other.

Specifically, this leaves Dr. Claire Finn separated from her two young sons (we learn here that she’s a single mother by choice), who are protected by Isaac, who must play the role of Dad to the two kids, Marcus and Ty (BJ Tanner and Kai Di’Nilo Wener), who — let’s be honest — are pretty damn annoying. (Yes, kids can be annoying. I know this. I have two of them. That doesn’t make it easier to watch annoying kids on TV.)

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