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Star Trek: Tarantino — say what?

So, apparently discussions of Quentin Tarantino directing an R-rated Star Trek movie are underway, which is possibly the most unexpected headline I have seen this week, and that’s in a world where Donald Trump is president.

I don’t know what to say at the moment. Does this actually have a chance of happening? Can Tarantino pull something like this off? And what should we make of the fact he wants to hire a screenwriter, which he never does with his films?

This is very strange, very intriguing, and possibly very impossible. I’ve said that Trek can be many things, but can it really be the product of Tarantino’s style?

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Oh please no. Considering the amateurs that have just recycled stories in the awful JJ films and the horrible writers giving us the awful DIS—I really shouldn’t be surprised that Tarantino a chance at Star Trek. Paramount clearly doesn’t care about the franchise anymore

I don’t mind some of Tarantino’s work, but this is a terrible idea. In the articles I read, it seems like he just wants to rehash old TOS episodes and turn them into movies, which is pretty lame imo.

Sounds like they’re going the wrong way with Star Trek 4, I kinda hoped that they would bring Justin Lin back to direct (or maybe in an ideal world, Jonathan Frakes!). I don’t think this Tarantino thing will stick and it will probably end up being a waste of time for everyone involved.

I think this is a great idea. I just wish Tarantino would write it himself, instead of yet another writer of such and such franchise.

In fact, I think he should team up with Seth Macfarlane. Yes, i’m serious.

Pouring millions into big-budget movies, a hugely expensive AAA TV show and now possibly hiring one of the most acclaimed and celebrated directors of our time. Paramount clearly doesn’t care about the franchise any more.

Tarantinos’ last few films showed that he regersses as a filmmaker instead of moving forward, relying on cheap violence and his “Tarantio tropes” where there’s no one to reign him in. Now that he left The Weinstein Co. he might be reigned in, or not. In any case, of course every film fan would go and see what a Tarantino Star Trek film looks like, but I don’t feel he has the right sensibilites for this franshise, his Trekkie stature not withstanding. Tarantino makes filmic exercises, genre-bendres, he doesn’t make whole films (Jackie Brown is the notable exception, not surprisingly, the only Tarantino film based on another source material).

It was just revealed he insisted it will be R rated and got his way. But Trek is not about violence and cussing. It’s about ideas and exploration. So this right here already worries me.

Tarantino said in the past that he is basically curating his filmography, that he wants to do just ten films all unique and great and go out on a high note. Involving himself in an established franchise seems to be going against that idea, unless they let him do whatever he wants but then it won’t really be a Star Trek film, would it? It would be a Tarantino film.

Also, I guess Paramount kind of gave up on the current cinematic incarnation of Star Trek to go down this route, because whatever this turns out to be, it will most likely not fit snugly with what came before.

I for one would enjoy seeing Picard and Riker having a “Royale with cheese” conversation while riding around in a shuttlecraft together.

I think he’d do well with a slow boil suspense story that eventually gets very violent. Federation and Romulan Security join forces to investigate some evil plot in an exotic setting. In fact I’d like to see his take on Risa. Set it post-DS9/ post-Voyager in the main continuity.

So there’s some special event on Risa drawing a record number of pleasure seekers from all over the galaxy. Something very bad is being planned, but what? Have multiple suspicious characters. Everyone is guilty of something just like a good Cardassian mystery novel. 🙂

Maybe the ultimate villains are the parasites from TNG episode “Conspiracy”. Hardly anyone is willingly working for them, but they’re manipulating various espionage and criminal activities to serve the purpose of smuggling parasites to Risa, possessing all the guests and then returning home with them to invade their worlds. Better plan than possessing a few admirals.

Paramount stopped caring about canon and legacy long ago. The Star Trek name is nothing more than a cash cow for them. They’ll slap the logo on anything to sell it.

Not that Paramount is unique. Star Trek and James Bond scripts are entirely interchangeable these days. That tells you something.

I’d be on board with an R-rated Star Trek film if I thought it’d handle adult themes in an adult way – even in a literary way – in the vein of Wrath Of Khan or a low-key drama. But a Tarantino R-rating means glorified, stylized violence (and pastiche over substance), which I’m not on board with. An R-rated Trek film by someone like Shane Black would be far preferable, especially seeing as Black’s Iron Man 3 co-writer Drew Pearce is one of the four writers in the running.

We already had one style over substance director who liked to rehash stuff, we really don’t need another. I’d love a director who could give us something that’ll make us think as a society instead of just giving us glorified violence and ‘fan-pleasing’ continuity nods from people who don’t even get the show or the contexts they originally appeared in. Star Trek has definitely managed a darker tone in the past, but it was always most successful when it actively condemned the darker elements, like the torture scenes in Chain Of Command, which conveyed the horror of torture perfectly without ever having to resort to gore. Tarantino has never been one to condemn violence, and I doubt he’ll do it here.

Would this be part of the Abramsverse or a one-off stand-alone movie?

Could you imagine a Tarantino DS9 film set during the Dominion War? Won’t happen in a million years, but that’s the one scenario in which QT’s style would fit perfectly.

And it would probably be the best film ever.

Okay, here’s a collection of fun quotes I gathered from the net on the subject, it really says it all… 🙂

Kirk: Whose gun is this?
Bones: It’s a phaser, Jim.
Kirk: Whose phaser is this?
Bones: It’s Zed’s.
Kirk: Who’s Zed?
Bones: Zed’s dead, Jim. Zed’s dead.


“Scotty, do I look like a bitch?!”
“I said, Do-I-LOOK-like a BITCH?!”
“…Then why you beaming me up like a bitch?”


“You see a sign outside my sick bay saying dead Romulan storage on it? Did you see that sign Jim? No? You know why Jim? Cos it ain’t f@#king there, cos storing dead Romulans aint my f@#king business!”


“Ready to fire on the Klingon ship, Captain”
“Hold up. Open a channel.”
“Ready sir”
“Ezekiel 25:17….”

Anyone remember Sam Peckinpah’s Salad Days (from Monty Python)?

That’s Tarantino’s Star Trek.

Tarentino said one of this favorite episodes of Star Trek TNG is Yesterday’s Enterprise. So he could be focusing on time travel. And Patrick Stewart said he would like to work with Tarentino. Perhaps QT can also get John DeLancie involved too. Think about the possibilities; Somebody who truly cares about Star Trek making a Star Trek movie.

So I guess Star Trek was just too cerebral. People want shouting and swearing. Sad.

“Bring out the Gorn!”

Hahahaha, no thank you.

So I guess Star Trek was just too cerebral. People want shouting and swearing. Sad.

exactly, star trek is dead.

I think, as odd a collaboration as Quentin Tarantino and the Star Trek brass sounds, it may plan out and work well. Bizarre indeed but certainly a different, original, left-field, and rather obscure spin on the trek universe pantheon. Obviously it’d likely be a more gritty and radically reworked interpretation of what came before, leading up to star trek beyond ( which I found to be rather a bore when I watched it). As long as it’s star trek well done and a successful continuation of the saga, then bravo.

It’s intriguing, but ultimately it’s just going to be another Wrath of Khan re-hash just like the last 4 Trek films these last 15 years. Tarantino doesn’t care about Star Trek as a unique entertainment franchise (nor does Abrams). For them Trek is Kirk fighting the Gorn, romancing green animal women, and “Khaaaaaan!”. It’s superficial, cheap and sad. The idea of something thoughtful and humanistic is foreign to them.

Do you know who’d be a good fit for Star Trek? Joss Whedon. He’s a genius when it comes to genre entertainment. CBS should give him the reigns of a movie or show and let him see what he could come up with . I can guarantee he would have more respect for the legacy of Gene Roddenberry’s creation than someone who want to see things go boom.

And let Seth Macfarlane have a crack at a straight Star Trek show. He actually cares about Trek and with his work on Cosmos it would be a hell of lot better than Discovery.

Joss Whedon hated Star Trek. Firefly was his anti-Star Trek and he said so himself.

I met Joss Whedon last year. He did an unsolicited Captain Picard impersonation for me. Admittedly, that’s not a ringing endorsement of Trek, but would a person who hated Trek do that?

(Also, I think he at the very least liked Deep Space Nine)

Still, he’d be an amazing show runner for Trek if given the chance. He’s a creative genius in my book.

Say ‘what’ again. Say ‘what’ again, I dare you, I double dare you…..

Good lord.

No thanks to Tarantino (when the only piece of information is that it will be “R” rated, that’s all I need to know) or Joss Whedon. Star Trek needs a thinker once again, and someone distanced from Hollywood. Preferably not an american. Get Guillermo del Toro to do it or Jodorowsky, who had an amazing plan for a Dune film years ago but couldn’t get the funding.

Well, I am getting sick and tired of brainless action. So now we will get a lot brainless dialogue with everyone shooting each other in the end. I think that will be an improvement.

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