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Here is the reviewing plan for 2019

The Orville returns this Sunday, followed by Discovery on Jan. 17.

The first quarter of 2019 is going to hurt me. Either that, or there will not be as many reviews as I hope there will be.

The Orville premieres this Sunday (followed by a second episode on its regular night four days later), and then Discovery starts up on Jan. 17. I was able to somehow keep the wheels on in fall 2017 and early 2018 with my schedule and turn reviews out mostly on time (within a few days of episodes airing). Whether I can do that again remains to be seen. Finding time to write is not easy. I can already say it’s not going to be as easy to do this year as it was last year. I have more going on.

So here is the plan, until such time that the plan changes, which is always a possibility. I will continue to put up weekly placeholder posts for comments (with no review) that will go up with each new airing of each episode the night it airs. I will then double back and post a review as soon as possible (hopefully within a few days) after the airing.

There’s a good chance these reviews will not be as long, detailed, or thought out this time around. Almost certainly not as long or detailed, at least. I may have to sacrifice quality and completeness for my own sanity. I hate saying that, but it may be the truth. We’ll see. I predicted that last time around and I can happily say I think the reviews turned out better than I had envisioned at the outset. Maybe that will happen again. But it very well may not, so please be forewarned. Time is the fire in which we burn. I expect to get singed pretty good in the next few months.

We’ll see how it goes…

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As long as I can still feel free to punch my computer screen, it will be ok!

Do whatever you need to do. Your reviews are great and always great to read. But do what’s best for your sanity. I’ll keep coming back when there’s something new. I’d still be interested in whatever your summer project was too.

It took me a while to get that Star Trek Generations reference… 🙂

I might not agree with EVERY review you post; but you’re always well-reasoned, you know how to turn a phrase and you’re witty. I look forward to any review you post … the insights often make the episodes more enjoyable on rewatch.

Take your time, sir.

This update isn’t very long. I expected it to be longer, more detailed, and more thought out than this.

Maybe just skip The Orville reviews and focus on Discovery?

Or maybe he could skip STD.

Yes, Jammer, please skip STD (not The Orville) if you must.

Take your time Jammer. Whatever works for you. Your reviews are great regardless.

What did Soren mean by “Time is the fire by which we burn”? Like much of the movie where this line appears, it sounded cool at first but then it left me scratching my head. I think an earlier draft of the script made it clear that Soran knew, because of his El-Aurian powers, what happened to Picard’s nephew and brother (note: having these characters burn to death in a fire was Patrick Stewart’s idea. Maybe he shouldn’t write the Picard show), and told Picard as much before saying the line. That draft wasn’t any better than the finished product, but I get it: I used it in a piece of poetry I was writing for a homework assignment.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have an appointment with….

Can’t finish that one. Happy New Year, everyone!

“Or maybe he could skip STD.”

“Yes, Jammer, please skip STD (not The Orville) if you must.”

I doubt that his plan would actually go that way, mainly because he seems to enjoy Discovery more than The Orville. Just sayin’.

As much as I would have personally loved Jammer to skip STD, there’s just no way it would happen.

Discovery is the current official Trek series. Jammer is going to review it regardless of whether he likes the show or not.

Life gets hectic and overwhelming some times; you do what you gotta do, Jam Man. In the mean time, we’re grateful to you for a place to discuss episodes and read the opinions of other Trek fans.

Why not just skip both and do B5 instead? 😉

@Brian, so say we all!

In all seriousness, Jammer, take your time.

We love your reviews – we’ll still be reading them again and again and again, years (even decades!) later.

You’re writing for the ages.

Jammer, can we get your Short Treks reviews? 😉

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