O ‘Brother,’ where art thou?

"Brother" is a not-riveting but very solid episode of Discovery that feels the most like pre-Discovery Star Trek since "The Vulcan Hello" (minus the Klingons and all their subtitles). Untethered from Secret Evil Mirror Captain Lorca and the less-than-coherent war with the Klingons, the series is free to turn out an episode that has the story beats of previous Trek series, except with better production values.

About those production values: Above all else, that’s what sets Discovery apart from previous Trek series. I have no idea what TNG or DS9 would’ve looked like if it were made with today’s technology and digital artists, but Discovery looks amazing. The level of detail in the visual effects and production design are of movie caliber. I know I’ve said that before, but it bears repeating. Meanwhile, the cinematography (particularly in Burnham’s dreamlike flashback sequences) is so artistically polished that it borders on excessive.

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