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Trailer: ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’

The first teaser trailer for Episode IX has dropped. Discuss it here!

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Lando Calrissian? Sold! I’ve not seen the first 2 movies, but I might give it a watch to see Lando again. (Hopefully, they won’t kill him off like they’ve done the rest of the original cast)

Big-boned Lando Calrissian, you mean?

I thought TFA was terrible so my expectations are low. I won’t be paying to see this in theaters. It seems JJ only knows how to do one thing and it isn’t good. I’ve seen them all and Disney Star Wars has been an epic failure on virtually every count, except for a few moments in rogue one. The main trilogy has been a hodge-podge of missed opportunities, poor casting, poor writing, and generally just fan-wank nostalgia spooned up for easy consumption. Looks like Star Wars. Sounds like Star Wars. Isn’t Star Wars. Lucas is, was, and always will be Star Wars, he was the real deal and the original trilogy was purely a passion project. The prequels were his attempt to do something completely different and, why not? You can do that if your name is George Lucas. Say what you will, the prequels told a story and despite questionable casting and scripting they still worked as a cohesive trilogy. They are a study in film compared to the disjointed fan-fiction we get now.

I am squeeeeeeeeeing so hard.

I’m solidly meh on the new movies (except Rogue One, which I regard as a masterpiece better than any other Star Wars film), but they’ve definitely tried to do interesting things and make it look like there’s more ideas behind it. I guess I’d describe Last Jedi as an encouragingly ambitious failure of storytelling, but a pretty cool character ensemble.

That said, I’m more excited for this than for any Star Wars film since Revenge of the Sith. I’m a big EU fan, so Palpy coming back isn’t a hokey disappointment to me, quite the opposite- i may be a stickler but I’ll go any distance to get Ian McDiarmid back.

1. They show A-wings twice in the trailer I’m stoked.
2. Tie interceptor, First Order SpecForces variant is AWESOME
3. Lando at the controls and laughing like that? Oh all the feels
4. Enough Carrie Fisher footage to work with? Good.
5. That visual of the Death Star on Endor? Awesome.
6. unknown water world? cool
7. The rocks in the desert scenes look more like Jedha than Tatooine or Jakku to me.

There are enough interesting details that seem out of place that I’m sure they’ll be meaningful. I was so pissed seeing LJ in theaters and thinking that they were lazy enough to send Luke out wielding a lightsaber that we had just seen broken, but no! That was intentional haha.

So things like Rey having the same ligthsaber that blew up in LJ and the Star Destroyer having an Imperial-I class bridge tower are probably plot relevant, not JJ not giving a damn.

Why on earth is Adam Driver even sexier when his hair is waving like that on the charge? Grrr I thought I was immune, preferring the wholesome charms of Oscar Isaac but no.

Basically I think that this looks like the best we could have hoped for, barring a Plagueis appearance. The only thing I want that I didn’t see is Wedge.

My listing, so you know where I’m coming from, would be

1. Rogue One 4 Stars
2. Return of the Jedi 4 Stars
3. A New Hope 3.5 Stars
4. Empire Strikes Back 3.5 Stars
5. Revenge of the Sith 3.5 Stars
6. Phantom Menace 3 stars
7. Last Jedi 2 stars
8. Attack of the Clones 2 stars
9. Force Awakens 2 stars
10. Solo 2 stars

oh, and the only reason Billy D Williams is there? I think you can guess. It’s to give people a new reason to say, “Oh, I guess I’ll go see it, maybe it’ll actually be good.” Not a chance with the current production team in charge. And don’t make the mistake of thinking JJ is going to come running back to save you and restore the sanctity of the franchise. You’re kidding yourself. Have you seen Lost? At best it will be a re-hash of ROTJ, at worst, it will be a shameless launchpad for spin-off movies.

I am so anxious about this.

I loved the Last Jedi and everything it did with subverting my expectations regarding Star Wars movies. It took me a while but I really warmed to it and now I think of it as my favourite after Empire.

That being said, I had the opposite reaction to the Force Awakens. I found I liked it less and less after watching it several times and that was mainly because I just ended up seeing it as so unimaginative. And that’s what I’m afraid of here. JJ Abrams makes a killer reboot and that’s not an inconsiderable skill, but I honestly don’t know if he was the chops to bring it home in a satisfying way. And having Palpatine laughter (awesome as McDiarmid will always be) just really doesn’t fill me with confidence.

But, I’m happy to wait and see.

I didn’t hate TFA or TLJ but they both had flaws. I’m hoping for an epic movie that rounds it off and makes it all worthwhile.

I’ll be buying a ticket.

Is “The Rise Of Skywalker” really the best JJ could come up with for a subtitle?? Not a fan of it. But, I really like TLJ and TFA. They took away the stink of the prequels. I’m definitely looking forward to the last installment of the original saga. The trailer looked good, but they didn’t give us much to see. Too much of Rey standing in the desert looking serious. … And is it confirmed that was Palpatine’s cackling laugh at the end of the clip?

I was there in 1977 when Star Wars came out I remember that summer and
how that movie swept the world. Then came the three year pause and we
had Empire. It raised the game and Star Wars was bigger then ever as the second
movie not only was worthy of the first but exceeded it.

Then another three years came and went and we had Jedi. While not as satisfying
as the first two it was a good show but really should have been left there.

Then came the 16 year hiatus. to 1999. The hype that came that summer was
almost unbearable. It got to the point, with all the tie-ins and promotions that
even if it was another “Star Wars, circa 1977 or Empire circa 1980”, it could never
live up to the hype.

Well, we all know what happened in 1999 and what followed.

Of all the movies that came after, only “Rouge One” was worthy IMHO of
being in that class that the first three were. It provided a proper pre-sequel to
the first three and actually IMHO should have been Ep III as it tied in directly
to Ep IV.

The rest has been a mis-mash of garbage and boring stuff with the proper
Star Wars baggage attached t it.

Disney spent 4 Billion dollars to acquire the franchise from Lucas and they have
done more damage to it then Lucas could ever have been able to do on his own.

I for one do not care if this is the last Star Wars movie or if there are a million
more to be had.

If you want Star Wars and want to enjoy what Star Wars is, then the first three
movies are all you need to see.

This is going to be another ultraslick film that’s easy to love on first viewing but has zero ssubtext and adds nothing to the universe. A 7/10 “decent action film“ is all Abrams has been able to make. In 2009 I thought that was enough and hoped it would be the start of better things but it wasn’t.

Star Wars (R.I.P. 1977-1996)

For reference, I enjoyed Force Awakens if though it was unoriginal and had enormous flaws. I liked most of the ideas in Last Jedi but hated the incompetent execution of the movie, dreadfukl last half hour, and pointless death of Luke. Last Jedi kinda killed my interest in the franchise finnslly.

This movie at least looks to be leaning into the fun again, but stimutaneously retconning the interesting parts of Last Jedi. Bringing back the Emperor in any capacity is a dumb idea and goes to show that they have no new ideas or coherent vision for this new trilogy. The prequels are awful but there is at least a method to the madness, even though again the execution was beyond piss poor. For some reason this new fully corporate product makes me even sadder. Excellent pacing, good enough actings, but zero coherent story that someone is trying to tell.

Anyway Ill watch it from the comfort of my couch eventually where I can check Jammers website when i get bored bc I am still slightly under this franchises thrall for reasons that escape me

The trailer looks fine but the tediously predictable rehashing of established convention could be tedious, 9 episodes in. Daisy Ridley isn’t a very good actor in this trilogy and the title is weak. The last jedi was an absolutely awful entry into the series.

Eliise Kehle: I agree with you about Rogue One: it was extraordinary! I’d rank it close to A New Hope, but probably not higher. Can’t agree with you about ROTJ, though. : (

I find the title interesting. Thematically, this is the antithesis of The Last Jedi.

To suggest that the Skywalkers are going to “rise” again? Are we going to find out that Rey was really Luke’s daughter after all? As laughable as that would be at this point, I seriously wouldn’t put it past Abrams.

Speaking of which, I’ve decided, in retrospect, that my contempt for TLJ was misplaced. Was it a successful movie? No. But at least it tried to do something interesting. At least there was the *potential* going in that it was going to be great.

With Episode X there’s no need to wonder or speculate – we know who is behind the helm on this one and what that means.

I am, however, pleased to hear that Ian McDiarmid is going to be back in this one. The movie won’t be good, indeed, CAN’T be good given the Director, but I’m sure McDiarmid will steal every scene as he always has.

I’m also gratified that the man is still alive. The idea of them re-animating him Peter Cushing style and turning him into a ghost slave for the Disney machine would really make me sad.

@briian and @Jason R. so nice to see nuanced critique of how TLJ went wrong and how they did try some interesting stuff at least.

@ Steven oh I know that for actual cinematic stuff Empire and the original may be better films, but I still like Jedi best- first, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher actually get to act in ways they don’t in the first two and they’ve both improved. Second, it introduces McDiarmid as Palpy. Third- the Jabba scenes are a masterpiece. Fourth- The Battle of Endor has to still rank as the best space battle ever filmed, properly curved for tech of the era. Fifth- I don’t mind the Ewoks. Sixth- Lando gets to redeem himself after Empire.

Well, JJ can tell a story – so this will be palatable.

TLJ was so horrible I’m wondering how the numbers will be for this one.

I really liked Rey in TFA albeit a carbon copy of ANH. … but they forgot her in TLJ.

I will see this because my son loves SW, but I probably wouldn’t otherwise.

@Elise why do you mention Palpy aka Palpatine coning he in this trailer..and what’s EU?

Much divisiveness expierienced the fan base has. That s probably how Master Yoda would put it, after the backlash from Rian Johnson s The Last Jedi. The upcoming film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker  has been tasked with bringing the entire Skywalker Saga together, all nine films.

Just saw a midnight screening of this.

It’s clear from watching this film that Disney truly had no idea what to do with the story when they bought the franchise from Lucas. Criticisms of the prequels aside, at least there was a (somewhat) cogent narrative and single creative vision driving the first six films rather than film by Disney corporate comittee. This didn’t even view like a proper movie, it felt like a weird pastiche of better moments in the saga but taken to a level of spectacle worthy of Paul Verhoeven.

And story, you say? A luxury in a vehicle as creatively bankrupt as this but from what I can remember… An old enemy comes completely out of left field and our heroes must stop them within an arbitrary time limit before galactic tyranny ensues yet again. Same tired old beats but devoid of any meaning since this trilogy basically ended in spirit with ‘The Last Jedi’.

Standout performances from Ridley and Driver (who is sadly underutilised in this one) but the rest of the cast seem lost in the ether in this one.

Ironically enough, the first sentence in the opening crawl is, ‘The dead speak!’ One can’t help but wonder if they mean the saga itself, which is truly out of gas now with this lifeless affair, rather than the ghoulish CGI mannequin of Carrie Fisher.

See this one only if you’ve invested time and money in the previous Disney Star Wars films and/or have the grim resolve of anyone who has watched the beloved franchises of their youth go flying through the windshield glass only to have their mangled corpses kitted out in all the latest finery while bystanders are told they’re back and better than ever!

Or do yourself a favour and watch ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ for the hundredth time and have a truly worthwhile film experience.

I’m going to open a page on the site to discuss the film. I was going to do it tomorrow but I may do it tonight. Please refrain from discussing it here. Thanks.

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