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‘Picard’ lays more groundwork with ‘Maps and Legends’

"Maps and Legends" is an episode that further sets up the premise of this season and offers some good context, fleshing things out that “Remembrance” had me wondering about and giving them more shape. It does this leisurely and methodically, which feels like a step in the right direction after the many narrative gaps and shortcuts seen in Discovery. That being said, this episode often feels like expositional piece-moving ahead of the story that still awaits us.

The Peak TV cliche "It’s a 10-hour movie" has been applied to this series in Patrick Stewart’s press statements, and by that calculation, the first three episodes would be Act One. We’re still just getting started here, and by the end of "Maps and Legends" we’re still just getting started. While "Remembrance" gave us the nostalgic feels, this seems like an episode that’s easing us into the world of Picard that will be. Gradually.

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