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Kayshon, his episode somewhat lacking

The titular character of "Kayshon, His Eyes Open" is the first Tamarian in Starfleet (see TNG‘s "Darmok"), who has been posted on the Cerritos as the new security chief. He doesn’t always speak in metaphors; just sometimes. But Kayshon and the title are red herrings, because they have relatively little to do with the episode, especially after Kayshon is transformed into a stuffed toy as a result of an energy beam aboard the museum-like ship of a dead curator, whose collection the Cerritos is helping catalog. (Talk about your low-priority missions.)

"Kayshon" is a notable step up from the season’s premiere episode, but I still found it lacking … something. This is an action-centric episode that’s light on solid jokes and heavy on attacks by armies of flying Roombas. Don’t get me wrong; it’s perfectly okay and I grinned a number of times — but this is not something that I feel like I should be going out of my way for.

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