‘Anomaly’: We’ll feel our way through this

As I was watching "Anomaly," I realized we’ve reached the Hallmark Greeting Card stage of the Trekkian technobabble episode. This episode is overly earnest Touchy Feely Trek taken to a level of near self-parody. It wants so badly to engage on an emotional level that it does so to the point of extreme pushiness, while failing to engage on the level I really wanted to meet it on, which was pseudo-intellectual. I wanted to understand what this anomaly was and how it kinda-sorta works, but that’s beyond the scope of this episode, which is more about how everyone feels about everything that’s happening.

Oh, sure, it pretends like it’s all about the data and the research and the science of it all, but is it really? At one point, the anomaly causes all artificial gravity to go haywire and makes everyone float above their stations before being slammed back to the deck. That’s a kinda cool visual, but most of the episode is the usual camera-shaking and sparks exploding that we’ve come to expect in Star Trek jeopardy shows for decades, and this episode pummels us with it relentlessly.

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