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Computer almost defeated by anomaly, feelings

"Stormy Weather" is a mysterious, focused, and claustrophobic sci-fi yarn that works pretty well … up until it doesn’t. This is a story about the crew working a single problem on multiple fronts. Meanwhile, the darkness of the rift (reminiscent of Voyager‘s "The Void" and V’Ger’s cloud from ST:TMP) and the unknown of what’s coming at the ship and whether the ship can escape, give the episode a tense, atmospheric quality.

Unfortunately, the episode started to fall apart for me once it became clear the path to escaping the rift was going to be charted through the emotional journey of Zora, the ship’s conscious (and now emoting) computer. It’s been a running joke for a while now that Discovery is all about the characters’ feelings. But with "Stormy Weather" it’s now even about the ship’s feelings. The ship is in crisis because of the negative effects of the rift’s strange properties, but it’s at even greater risk because Zora is so emotionally compromised that it (she?) can barely carry out core functions. Folks, our starship is a basket case.

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