Picard and crew jump back to the 21st century

"Assimilation" is a step down after the first two refreshingly absorbing episodes of the season, but it’s still a pretty enjoyable outing despite its notable flaws, and brisk enough that it doesn’t feel too much like the latest setting-resetting episode (the third in a row, no less) it primarily serves as. Its mission is to get us to the year 2024 and provide some initial things for the characters to do there, and it does that, with some threads that work to varying degrees ranging from somewhat clunky to reasonably good.

While it looked like the crew of the La Sirena was going to be recaptured by Seven’s husband and detained in the fascistic alternate timeline of the 25th century, this episode says "psych!" and quickly dispatches all the bad guys, and the ship slingshots around the sun and arrives in the 21st century, all before the opening credits.

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