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All dressed up with a long plot to go

It’s at this point in the season that the "10-hour movie" structure of this series is really starting to take its toll. There are some things to recommend here — notably everybody’s awesome red-carpet wardrobe — but they’re mostly overshadowed by the sinking feeling that all of this is a waste of this production’s time.

Consider the fact you’ve got Patrick Stewart on board for 30 episodes of this series to continue the story of Picard. You’ve got all the resources of the CBS/Paramount machine at your disposal. You could tell a couple dozen cool stories centered on Picard and his crew, preferably some of them even in the 25th century. Instead we’re spending, I’m guessing, an entire eight episodes in 2024, running around and chasing vague plot things in an overarching story that so far makes very little sense.

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