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‘Picard’ season finale: The trial this time was personal

"Farewell" is pretty much season two of Picard in a nutshell. It’s trying to do a lot of things. It puts in some decent efforts to connect to its past. And it has some character moments that do work. But on the whole, as an hour (and season) of television, it’s a jumbled, anticlimactic mess that adds up to less than the sum of its many, many parts.

It’s simultaneously doing too much and not enough — too much plot and not enough story. It has bizarre Easter-egg mini-detours that go nowhere, and generally flails about like Chris Farley telling you about his van down by the river. It’s hard for me to hate an episode featuring Q, Guinan (the real one), and Picard reaching various emotional resolutions, but this (and the whole season) just doesn’t add up.

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