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‘Strang New Worlds’: Ghosts of Treks past

"Ghosts of Illyria" continues SNW‘s trend of repackaging classic, old-wine Trek themes in shiny new bottles. It’s true there are not a whole lot of points to be earned for originality here, but the style and execution continue to be top-notch, and the use of familiar devices and themes continues to service these specific new characters in worthwhile ways.

This week in Trekkian Golden Oldies, we have: (1) the violent planet-side ion storm that prevents transport and endangers the away team, (2) the mysterious contagion running amok aboard the ship and contaminating the entire crew, and (3) the taboo issue of genetic engineering in the Federation. These are all connected in a single plot that’s relatively straightforward, so the threads never threaten to become a muddle. It’s nice, solid stuff.

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