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Four plots for the price of one (you get what you pay for)

"From Unknown Graves" is an overstuffed, overlong, unfocused mess of an episode with far too many plotlines and not nearly enough insight. There are at least four major threads going on in this 73-minute episode, and two of them probably should have been cut entirely.

I’ve talked a lot about the length of the episodes this season, and that’s because it’s something that’s noticeably turning shows that would’ve been tight and focused at 45 or 50 minutes into ones that feel drawn-out and sloppy at 70-plus. These are unforced errors, and with this episode we might have the most egregious example yet of the season, where we basically have two episodes’ worth of material crammed into one. One of these episodes would’ve been okay; the other would’ve been a total loser.

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