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Orville season (series?) finale: A modest proposal

"Future Unknown" is a quiet, deliberately-low-stakes coda for the season — and, very likely, the series — following last week’s big plot-resolving action extravaganza. And it proves that spending time in the company of this crew is enjoyable when it’s just sitting back and being a laid-back hangout comedy. Indeed, this is the most Orvillian comedy episode of the season, and it finds the precisely right mutedly humorous tone.

But this 80-minute episode, perhaps more than any all season, suffers from its runtime bloat. It’s way, way too long, by at least 20 minutes and maybe even more, and it had me checking the clock more than once. You can sense that MacFarlane suspected this was the end of the line and just couldn’t bring himself to cut it down to length. He had to get it all in. But by indulging himself, his cast, and his crew, he only waters down what could’ve been a perfectly acceptable character-based sendoff for the season and series.

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