‘Lower Decks’ returns for its third season

With Captain Freeman wrongfully accused and awaiting trial for the destruction of Pakled Planet, the Cerritos has been put in drydock and its crew placed on leave. Mariner, convinced her mother is going to be railroaded without additional exculpatory evidence, goes on a mission to find evidence that may clear her mother’s name.

"Grounded" is a reasonable start to Lower Decks‘ third season. It’s easily the best season premiere for this series, but still a bit of a mixed bag. This is fine, but not a ton here to write home about. It’s got the usual Easter eggs, some of which I appreciated. (Boimler works on his family vineyard, where they cultivate grapes for raisins instead of wine. Rutherford and Tendi eat dinner at Sisko’s Creole Kitchen, where the hot sauce is "ketracel-white hot." Boimler exclaims how something is ridiculous, "for Kirk’s sake!" Etc.)

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