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‘Prodigy’ enrolls in Borg 101

After seeing a holodeck simulation of Gwyn’s restored memories, the young crew attempts to disable the sinister Trojan-horse-from-the-future weapon that the Diviner has integrated into the Protostar‘s system. They are unable to break its defenses, however. Coincidentally, the ship stumbles across a dormant Borg cube. Hologram Janeway warns the kids of the extreme danger of the Borg, but the kids think they may be able to use the Borg’s knowledge to figure out how to disable the weapon, so they board the Borg vessel and start poking around.

Attempting to tie these two storylines together is forced at best, and wrong-headed at worst. This is Prodigy‘s entry point into the Borg collective — which in theory makes sense since this is the Delta Quadrant — but this adventure plays out as one of the most ho-hum and tensionless encounters with the Borg to date, and even more so as executed on its rather naive, Nickelodeon-friendly level.

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