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‘All the World’s a Stage,’ so play your role

Having put their quest to seek out Starfleet on pause because of the Unstoppable Super Virus Weapon, the Protostar crew embarks on a "planet of the week" adventure, answering the call from a world they discover is modeled on Starfleet — in particular, Kirk’s TOS-era Enterprise. These people, dubbed the "Enderprizians," invite their guests to a performance of a play, which documents a bevy of Starfleet procedurals.

At times reminiscent of Voyager‘s "Muse," where a meta play was produced to create a Star Trek story within the episode itself, "All the World’s a Stage" plays like the franchise’s ultimate self-homage, featuring people who imitate all the things they learned from an Enterprise ensign who was marooned there when he crashed on the planet more than a century earlier.

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