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‘Masquerade’: Insane neutral zone discoveries!

It’s at this point I have to wonder on what level I should be watching and reviewing this series — as an adult, or filtered purely through a kid’s mentality. Ideally, it should work on both levels (see much of The Mandalorian), but it’s becoming harder to take this seriously as Star Trek.

In the overly busy and superficial "Masquerade," the kids simultaneously flee Janeway’s Dauntless and the Romulan warbirds and arrive at Noble Isle, a city on a planet in the neutral zone where "cutting-edge" (i.e., unsanctioned) scientific experiments are conducted, and where the kids hope to obtain repairs to the ship — which, by the end, I don’t believe they ever actually get. The city provides a cool backdrop for the adventure, where our crew is greeted by Dr. Jago (Amy Hill), a scientist who scans Dal and tells him he is actually a genetically engineered being created from human DNA as well as that of 26 other species. It’s a crushing realization for Dal, who learns he has no parents and was created as an experiment in genetic augmentation by Dr. Arik Soong — although I’m not sure exactly how, since Arik Soong lived two centuries before Dal was born.

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