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‘Prodigy’ turns the holodeck into an escape room

After a hard day’s work running bridge simulations on the holodeck where they try to engage the Dauntless without infecting them with the Super Virus Weapon, the kids settle down for some relaxing ice-cream social time. But when it’s time to turn in for bed, strange things begin to happen, and our crew realizes they actually never left the holodeck. They’re stuck there for unknown reasons, until they can solve the computer’s puzzle by retrieving a mysterious skeleton key. The holodeck has become an escape room (which is not a bad high-concept pitch, to be honest).

After last week’s brisk journey through a series of fairly substantive backstories, "Ghost in the Machine" is unfortunately a pretty clear example of the pandering kiddie side of this series, which serves up episodic action sequences that have nothing to do with anything (or even each other) and exist mainly to fill screen time and cater to the assumed short attention span of our YouTube/TikTok-addicted youth. (Get off my lawn.)

Read the full review, as well as the delayed review for last week’s episode

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