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‘Strange New Worlds’ returns for Season 2

Strange New Worlds jumps into its second season with an efficient and action-filled outing that packs a solid amount of Star Trek into a single episode with a 52-minute run time. The episode’s efficiency is so convincing, in fact, that it almost single-handedly makes the case for a permanent return to standalone storytelling amid the usual sea of serialization in current-day live-action Trek. (This includes even Picard‘s heralded third season, which had its own share of stalling and padding.)

One key here is that even though it’s a standalone, it’s still a part of many other ongoing threads. The episode references numerous storylines from last season — and even before that — with a key plot point being the aftereffects of the Klingon war waged in Discovery‘s first season. Meanwhile, we also have some brief (but incomplete) follow-up to Una’s outing as a genetically engineered non-human from the end of last season, and the ongoing emotional instability of Spock and how that plays into the complicated feelings he has for Chapel.

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