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The universal constant of averting timeline disaster

There are good things lurking within "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow," but they’re buried within an episode that’s completely off-kilter in its sluggish execution of an overused Star Trek staple. This story benefits from a few good ideas, but it suffers from a slew of very tired ones and off-the-shelf parts. And for an episode that should have an open, world-building feel, it comes across as weirdly small and claustrophobic, and with a complete lack of urgency.

It’s lonely being La’an Noonien-Singh. As security chief, she intervenes in daily headaches that don’t make her especially popular, leaving her feeling isolated and angry. She has an inner-torment from being a descendant of scourge-of-the-Earth Khan Noonien Singh — a torment that she hasn’t resolved. But today, a mysterious dying man appears in a flash of light in the corridor and tells her there was an attack in the past that must be stopped. He gives her a device and tells her to "Get to the bridge" before dying of a gunshot wound and then vanishing in a ripple of light. La’an arrives on the bridge, where the captain is James T. Kirk (Paul Wesley). He has no idea who La’an is, and there’s no record of her existence at all.

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